5 Celebrity Brands On Instagram That You Can Get Inspired From

Celebrity Brands On Instagram

More and more celebrities are launching their businesses nowadays. Though many of them have really busy timetables they are doing their best to realize their business ambitions. Of course, you may say that they have a lot of assistants and managers to help them but let's admit that even this fact doesn't make their achievements and results less impressive.

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Some decades ago, it was believed that only men could be successful, but modern women have managed to prove that they can achieve success as well. I offer you to study the following female celebrity brands to get inspired and to learn from them. You can really take from them some ideas to promote your account on Instagram (but I will share some tips with you as well just read the article up to the end).

Instagram is a platform for
celebrity brands promotion: why

If you are wondering why celebrity-brands are promoted on Instagram, the answer may be much simpler that you may have even supposed. Today Instagram is an extremely popular and powerful marketplace, so why not to use it in your interests? By the way, it can be used not only by celebrities but for you as well. If you want to develop your brand study our 6 Reasons To Immediately Create Your Brand's Account On Instagram and act!

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Instagram is a great platform to build your communication with your target audience. There you can build a mutually beneficial dialog with them: while they are getting valuable information, discounts, and gifts from you, you are making money and increasing your sales. It sounds rather simple and reasonable, doesn't it? I also think so. And it seems to me that dozens of start that also come to this platform have a similar opinion.

Celebrity brands you should follow

Let me share with you female celebrity brands that really inspires me.

1. Beyoncé: Ivy Park

Ivy Park is one of the most successful celebrity clothing brands that exist today. It was established three years ago in cooperation with Topshop. But later the celebrity became the only owner of the brands. Beyoncé pointed out that with her line of activewear, she would be able to inspire women to stay active and to move forward as beauty is everywhere.

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Of course, when it comes to celebrity brands, it is clear that for them it is much easier to get more followers as the major part of their fans will be ready to become followers of their brands and to support their businesses. If you are starting just from a scratch, you may need much more time to promote your account on Instagram. But don't worry our Instagram bot is always at your disposal: likes, comments, followers, DMs, and other tools will be yours if you decide to try.

2. Jessica Alba: The Honest Company

If we are speaking about celebrity lifestyle brands, it's impossible not to mention The Honest Company that was founded by Jessica Alba in 2012. The actress had an idea to offer families toxin-free, safe and absolutely environmentally friendly household, and personal products. And she has managed to find the way to do it!

The Honest Company celebrity lifestyle brands

The Honest Company has a lot of products for babies but beauty and home lines are provided as well. According to the data of 2017, the brand was valued at $1 bln which is quite impressive for such a brand, isn’t it?

The company has a number of social responsibility projects as well. It raises money for those who are in need and donates personal care goods.

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3. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: The Row

Do you remember sisters Olsen? Yes, they have their fashion brand as well. Their high fashion company is called The Row and it was established more than a decade ago. Since the moment of its launch, it has managed to get the reputation of a luxury brand known for the exclusive quality of its fabrics as well as amazing tailoring.

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4. Rihanna: Fenty Beauty

Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty brand not so long, only in 2017 but it made headlines just immediately. And there were several reasons for it. The first one is obvious: a new player entered the world's arena of celebrity-brands. The second one is less obvious but more weighty: the beauty line introduced by the singer has 40 shades of foundation which means that the brand doesn't limit its audience just to people with some particular skin colors. The brand invites very diverse models to take part in its ad campaigns and respects the interests and demands of different people.

Fenty Beauty celebrity-brands

A little bit later, Rihanna decided to expand its business and launched Savage x Fenty entering the lingerie industry. Though it’s a new sphere of activity for the musician, the approach is just the same: all women should have access to beautiful lingerie.

5. Reese Witherspoon: Draper James

Reese Witherspoon launched her Draper James brand in 2015 being inspired by the culture in which she was raised. The popularity of the brad was growing really quickly and Witherspoon even managed to raise $10 million of investment for its development. To develop her brand and widen its audience she established collaborations with various brands (by the way, it is a really wise idea if you want to conquer new peaks). For example, to introduce its collection of household goods Draper James joined forces with Crate & Barrel and for creating a new collection intended for plus-sized women, Witherspoon entered in a partnership with Eloquii.

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What do you think about these brands? Do you want to achieve their success? Then study more precisely all the opportunities that such a global platform as Instagram can offer you.

But before you close this page let me give you one more recommendation: don't be afraid of mistakes, don't be afraid to start. Only the bravest ones reach the top and I want you to be one of them!

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