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Advanced and updated search engine for social media digging.

Search for Instagram

The very basic in-app Instagram search offers weak and poor suggestions –  whether you’re searching for an account or product.

advanced Instagram Search

Many Instagram users, especially those who are using Instagram as a money-making platform, want to be able to search for users to follow by profile category or a specific keyword. Not just hashtags! 

Just imagine how nice it would be if we could filter our search results of the accounts we wanted to look for. This way seeking and finding accounts that we need would be a hundred times more convenient and time-saving.

What if there is actually an effective Search for Instagram for finding any user profile you need in seconds?

The Instagram profile search is an easy, highly-advanced analyzing tool. 

It does in-depth filtering and categorization in your search. And believe me, there’s no other Instagram search on the web that can get such cool results for you.

Once you start using this search service for Instagram, you won't come back to a basic Instagram search anymore. 

highly advanced analyzing too

What are the reasons for choosing Advanced Search for Instagram vs. Basic in-app search?

basic Instagram user

Firstly, the basic Instagram user search is really poor and always relies on the place where you are located and the place your profile was logged in. So the results after you type something in the Instagram search bar will always be really limited by the place where you are situated. And your Instagram search history. And this is a pretty annoying thing for those who need to look around without being restricted.

 So if you want to find, for example, an influencer to promote your product in Australia, this will be impossible with the basic Instagram account search if you’re located, for example, in Spain. Why? The Instagram account search will try to find and offer you something that is connected to you and to your location. Regardless of your previous interests, clicks, and interests of pages, you follow. 

It is almost impossible to find specific pages in a specific country with a basic Instagram finder. 

You will get a list of random Spanish pages – shops and normal users – barely connected to the topic you’re looking for.

What can this Advanced Search tool for IG dig through?

With an Advanced Instagram search you can dig through user profiles, profile bios, account and person names, even emails and phone numbers, with explicit filters:

  • Account Age
  • Number of Followers (from and to)
  • Category of the profile
  • Profile gender
an Advanced Instagram search

How to use the Advanced search for Instagram

use the Instagram Advanced search

The Instagram lookup service allows you to find anything you need on Instagram with 6 easy steps:

#1 Type the obvious and the most relevant keyword for your business in the search line of the Instagram Search.

search line of the Instagram Search

#2 Choose the category of profiles that you’d like to get from the results. 

Pro tip: Try searching the same keyword with a few different categories to find more profiles.

searching the same keyword

#3 Choose the range for the number of follows.

Pro tip: Don't put too high a “from” number. Small profiles show great engagement results sometimes, so take them into account, too.

great engagement results

#4 Choose an Instagram profile gender
#5 Tap search and see what you've got.

tap search

#6 Open Analyze pages in new windows for those accounts you consider attractive.

open analyze pages

The results of the Advanced Instagram Search account are brilliant as they offer you thumbnails of profiles for a speedy analysis before opening all of them. 

The crucial thing is that you can see average users’ activity and engagement on the account you’ve found. You can also see the number of posts, follows, and followers. This is vital knowledge and criteria for both Instagram influencer identification and for brand analysis.

advanced Instagram Search account

These engagement stats show the number of comments and likes compared to the number of posts and followers.

number of comments

You can easily compare profiles by this number and choose the one that looks more successful if this is in your strategy. Choose profiles with the best average user activity to continue your analysis.

Two great ideas for using Advanced Search for Instagram like a pro.

The professional Instagram search can give you full and extensive results for these two main marketers activities:

  • How to find influencers on Instagram
  • How to find competitors on Instagram

Both of these points are worth spending time on.

With the advanced Instagram search, you can master marketing (especially for your clients) much faster and a hundred times more successfully than manually. Once you find all the profiles you need in the Advanced Instagram Search results it is time to identify their strategy and use this insight to grow your following.

Click the “Analyze profile” button right here and get these stats for free:

Most popular post time

most popular post time

What audience do these profiles have? Are they local or worldwide?
Take this into account when noting their most popular post time.

Top hashtags

This metric shows the most used hashtags under the most popular posts.

the most popular posts

Most commented and liked posts

This is a treasure trove for a content manager. You can find a hundred ideas for your posts here. Keep this information and consider how to benefit from it.

most commented and liked posts
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