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Try the Instagram analyzer tool to do a comprehensive analysis and comparison of any IG accounts. Analyze their quality, growth and development in seconds.

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What is Instagram Analyzer?

Bigbangram Profile Analyzer tool is a free, secure, and unlimited way of analyzing Instagram profiles.

Unfortunately, Instagram provides narrow statistics with a small set of indicators — it is definitely not enough for an intelligent analysis of an account’s promotional activity.

This additional Instagram checker tool can track performance, monitor statistics, and help you adjust your content plan as needed. The user analyzer helps check your page, increase its reach and develop the page to attract new followers and retain old ones.

Start tracking your Instagram performance today!

The Instagram tracker prepares fully-fledged IG page analysis based on 10+ scanner metrics:

  • Followers number
  • Most used hashtags
  • Engagement rate
  • Posts number
  • Commented posts rate
  • Uploads amount
  • Posts effectiveness rating
  • Top caption words
  • Interactors indicators
  • Users activity statistics
  • Average likes number
  • Suitable post time

The tool’s advantages are obvious

The account analyzer tool is designed to simplify working with Instagram rankings statistics for all users.

  • Secure

    The Insta analyzer does not store or use personal data of users like other tools.

  • Easy to get started

    The account analyzer does not need to be downloaded and installed.

  • Anonymous

    IG page owners will not know that you have analyzed their profiles.

  • Unlimited

    The profile checker does not limit attempts to analyze Instagram pages.

  • AI algorithms

    The most advanced metrics provide high-quality checkings with full stats.

  • Fast

    The analytics checker provides a rapid analysis of any public Instagram page.

Why should you use Profile Analyzer?

The IG analyzer helps you to make a competent analysis of your Instagram account and your competitors to choose the right promotion strategy.

  1. Increase engagement

    Analyze and choose the right time for posting your publications so that as many people as possible will view them.

  2. Boost traffic

    Use your analysis to create the brightest and most interesting content that attracts more traffic to your IG page.

  3. Reach new target audience

    Check the preferences of your potential audience to capture their attention and Instagram followings.

Find an IG page type for Instagram profile analytics

The Instagram profile checker helps different categories of Instagram users in promoting and improving quality.

  • For shops

    Analyzing the success of your Instagram store is a key to improving it to meet the audience's needs.

  • For bloggers

    Evaluating the engagement and reach indicators of your audience are keys to gaining more popularity.

  • For business profiles

    Controlling and increasing coverage are the keys to boosting the sales of any company's account.

  • For SMM managers

    Improving the quality of services and giving customers your best are keys to increasing the value.

How to use the Instagram account statistics tool

Analyze Instagram accounts in a matter of seconds without additional apps and services.

  • Step #1
    Type the Username

    Enter the required profile in the search field to generate up-to-date statistics.

  • Step #2
    Get the data analytics

    Get a full-fledged profile analysis consisting of 10+ key metrics.

  • Step #3
    Create a promotional strategy

    See the obtained results and improve the necessary indicators.


Can I analyze any Insta account?
You can analyze any public Instagram account. In addition, after registering on the service and adding your personal account, you will be able to analyze the following pages, including private ones.
Is the analyzer a free tool?
The analyzer is a free tool that does not need to be downloaded or installed. Instead, it works as an online cloud app website.
How does the analysis of someone's Instagram profile work?
After you have added a profile to the Instagram follower analysis tool, the analyzing process starts (the process takes an average of 30 seconds.) Then the tool shows the full statistics, consisting of 10+ metrics. These statistics reflect the successes and shortcomings of the account.
How do I check a profile through an Instagram profile scanner?
There is nothing difficult in working with the Instagram stats free tool. First, you need to add the name of the profile that you are going to analyze. Then, you need to click on the "Analyze" button, and the tool will provide you with all the current statistics for the selected IG page.
Can Instagram page analytics help in my IG promotion campaign?
Absolutely! All the results obtained through our checker will reflect the pluses and minuses of the page. This data is enough to build a common understanding of how to produce a promotion strategy in the future. After the Insta tool analysis, you can work out inaccuracies and adjust the promotion campaign's current process, increase the followers number, and boost traffic and overall engagement.
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