Word Descrambler

You are free to descramble words in seconds to get the most meaningful and corresponding words from entered jumbled letters using our handy word descrambler online.

Word Descrambler

What does the word descrambler mean?

A free word descrambler is a helpful tool that assists you in creating words from scrambled letters to be the first in all possible word games. The smart algorithm embedded into the letter descrambler can convert proposed letters (even with the “?” sign) into full words with various letter numbers. The process of converting takes a second, and you'll get the results of all possible letter combinations.

When to use the word descrambler solver?

letter descrambler

This tool will come in handy when times get tough in the word game, and you run out of ideas for new words from a set of letters. Don't worry; it's not a dead-end — everything is possible! Even if you are a real prof and word games are your strong point, you should admit that sometimes there are exceptions and bad times. 

Use the 7 letter word descrambler in such famous games as Scrabble or Words with Friends (and other word puzzles). You can negotiate with the players and use the tool in difficult situations or cheat (not a very good option).

How to descramble words

Words descrambler doesn't require any complicated manipulation to untangle letters. See how to “decipher” letters in two steps.

Step 1. Enter letters

To start the process, of course, you need to get to the free descramble tool's page and make sure there is no interference with the internet to get the results in a second. Then paste your letters (inserting up to 3 “?” is allowed) into the word descramble tool's entry field. Set up filters if necessary.

Step 2. Get results

After letters insertion, press the button and wait for seconds to come up with all possible words with the help of our jumble descrambler. You will eventually see columns of words, each named according to the number of letters in the word. Look at an example.

word descrambler solver

The example of SBITMU unscrambling

word descrambler online

If we enter a 6 letter word such as SBITMU, here is what we get:

  • 6 letter word (submit);
  • 4 letter words (must, suit, stum, bits, etc.);
  • 3 letter words (bum, mis, etc.);
  • 2 letter words (us, is, it, etc.).

Plus, each word has its score and pressing on it, you'll get a definition.


Is a letter descramble tool free of charge?

Yes, the jumble word descrambler doesn't require any payments to convert letters into valid words. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on use: you can exploit the tool at any time.

Should I install a letters descrambler?

No, you shouldn't as it works in online mode, and thus all you need to succeed in word games is to connect to the internet, load the tool's page and proceed to unscramble.

Can I try a letter descrambler from a phone?

Yes, as it operates online, it can be used from any device. Plus, you may use any browser and, of course, any OS.