Word Unscrambler

Unscramble words from letters online to be a winner in all possible word games (Scrabble, Word Cookies, Words with Friends, Wordscraper, etc.) or learn about new words and thereby stretch your brain a bit.

No matter what you use the words unscrambler for, the essential thing is that all you have to do is paste the letters, and the tool will do the rest for you — offer all possible word combinations!

Word Unscrambler

Enter letters:max - 15, use '?' for wild cards (blanks).

About the Word Unscramble tool

A word unscrambler is a unique instrument; the primary purpose is to unscramble letters into words in mere seconds using a smart search engine. Thus, you will always be full of ideas while playing with your friends in various word games. The letter unscrambler proposes to you all possible valid and unusual words after you insert your letters.

Of course, all players should have the opportunity to use the letter unscramble tool; otherwise, it wouldn't be fair game on your part. I agree it’s better to use your brain and think for yourself, but why not sometimes use the word unscramble instrument that can offer you more amusing variations of words with a description of their meaning? You may remember the word, and it may come in handy in the future, if not in the game, then in life.

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How to use the Word Unscrambler?

unscramble letters

Firstly, the tool is developed to unscramble words quickly — the tool can only fail in speed if there is a problem with the internet connection.

Secondly, the instrument suggests all possible unscrambled words for free.

Thirdly, you don't need to install the tool — it operates in an online mood.

See below for more details about how to unscramble letters to make words using the tool:

  1. Letters pasting

    Insert your letters into an empty box to get unscrambling words (you are free to include up to 3 “?” or “space”).

  2. Filters setting up

    Pick out filters to make the results more targeted, but you may skip this step.

  3. Results getting

    Click on the “Unscramble” button to unscramble word combo and get all variants, explore their definitions, etc.

For example, imagine that you are playing Scrabble and you have letters as “ERIKNRG”. How do you get the highest score? 

  1. Just insert these letters into the word unscrambler;
  2. You’ll get all possible variations of words with a certain number of letters and scores:
    • 6 letter words (erring, girner, ringer)
    • 5 letter words (eking, grike, inker, reink, reign, renig, rerig)
    • 4 letter words (king, rink, etc.)
  3. Each word has a certain score and a definition (some of them even synonyms).

As you can see, unscrambling the letters with a special tool is pretty straightforward!

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How to operate with the Word Unscrambler?
All you need to do to unscramble letters to words is to paste your letters into a tool's entry field and press the button to get all possible variations. That's it!
Does the tool work on all devices?
Yes, the word unscrambler operates on any browser, operating system and is compatible on pc, mobile, and tablet. All you need is to switch on wifi on a device and load a tool's page.
Should I install/register in the Unscrambler?
No, there is no need for signing in or installation as the tool is web-based. Here's what you should do to get unscrambled words: open the unscrambler with a browser, insert your letters and get results in seconds!
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