Rotate image

Use the free rotator online to change the image position clockwise or counterclockwise.

rotate image
rotate a pic

Rotate picture in 3 simple steps

  1. Upload a pic to the photo rotator.
  2. Rotate a pic to the right or left to get an ideal position.
  3. Apply the changes and download the modified pic or share it with friends.

Download any format

Don't hesitate to download and rotate photo of a widely spread format and save it in the most suitable one for you: BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.

Use the picture rotator without worries

The tool poses no danger to your data or uploaded photos. Everything is safe and easy to use. No one will know which images you download and which you modify.

Explore the additional options

Here you can not only rotate image but also choose any format or the best quality for your pic at the end of the change.

No installation or registration

The one thing you need to have for successful rotation is an internet connection. And that's it! Visit the rotator page, upload a pic, rotate it freely, and save it to any device or any social network.

picture rotator