Image cropper

Make your photo enhancement easier with a handy online cropping tool. 

Find your perfect photo size.

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Take advantage of the perfect composition

Maybe you wish to change the composition of your favorite photo? Put it easy as the online photo cropper will help you make a landscape into your perfect profile image for FB; or modify your ideal portrait image to use it at Twitter banner horizontally.

Explore all possible image cropper pre-made presets to get an ideal photo format.

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Find an ideal orientation

You are free to rotate and flip an image with the picture cropper features. Rotate the photo in different directions, turning it “upside down” to find the ideal angle and orientation to show things from their perfect sides. 

Explore the variety of photo formats

Crop pictures effortlessly and choose the best format to get them on your favorite device. Choose what suits you best so that you end up with the perfect image wherever it is.

Adjust and crop image to social media easily

There's no need to spend hours adjusting and cropping a photo for FB, Insta, Twitter, or any other network. With the tool, you are free to crop a picture using templates for every social network without remembering correct measurements. So, the image cropper will do everything for you.

Save your time

There is nothing complicated here; the system has clear algorithms and simple steps. All you have to do is upload a photo, apply the right size and save the result. It couldn't be simpler.

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crop a photo in 3 steps

Crop a photo in 3 steps

  1. Open the pic you desire to modify.
  2. Crop, rotate, change the photo size and apply pre-made templates.
  3. Save the image to a device or share it on social media.


What does it mean “cropping”?

Cropping is removing a specific part of an image in order to emphasise things or change the proportions. By cropping it you reduce the number of pixels and therefore make the image size smaller.

Does the quality of the photo suffer when it is cropped?

No, cropping a photo does not spoil the quality, it just makes the photo smaller but with the same quality as before it was cropped.

Why crop images?

The main reasons for cropping a photo are to remove irrelevant or unwanted elements, to change the proportions of the photo or to optimise the composition of the image.