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Use Automatic Direct Messenger to start communication with your audience and will see the rapid sales and loyalty uplift!

Create mailouts, welcome new followers, or
chat on your PC!
Why try Personalized DM Marketing?
Communication is key to a successful business.
We give you an opportunity to become closer to your followers, raise Engagement Rate and your sales!
Establishing contact with followers
A personal touch is created through private communication. It allows you to earn followers' trust
Direct sales
Selling through Instagram DMs online you reduce the customer buying cycle. It favors a sales boost.
Time economy
Automatisation of the process helps to manage time more effectively.
Larger scale
Using BigBangram you can increase the reach. It will bring more customers.
Personalized customer experience
DMs is a great tool to receive feedback from customers and clients. It will help you to improve customer experience.
Online Chat On PC or Mac!
We take care about your time. Just open Bigbangram and start messaging with your followers!
Chat Online On Instagram!
Use BigBangram like your convenient tool for communication with fans, friends, or clients!
Save your time and be productive!
Make your Instagram chatting easy, fast and convenient!
Why BigBangram?
We know that BigBangram helps to reach the heights!
Advanced Targeting
You can send messages to All users, New ones or create a list of users
Keen Prices
We offer the rock bottom price for our Auto mailing service - just $24 for a month!
Promotion Opportunities
BigBangram introduces the extended feature set to enhance your chances to reach real success on Instagram!
Instagram DM Online Chat is designed for:
Aspiring influencers and bloggers.
Establish personal contact.
Small and Medium Enterprises.
Start sale directly via DMs.
Famous brands.
Maintain brand awareness and customers' loyalty.
All people who know the real price of communication.
It's easy to use Auto Direct Messenger!
Choose your Target.
Point out whom you want to direct your Direct Messages.
Create stunning samples
No, wait! BigBangram offers you 100 templates as a Gift! Embrace them or learn how to write sales scripts reading our Blog.
Activate the tool

3 Types of Addressee

BigBangram allows running your DM campaign according to your addressees.
New followers

Welcome new followers to make a favorable first impression and to enhance the ER.
All followers

Let your longtime friends know what's going on in your life to keep them interested.
Custom list
BigBangram allows improving your marketing by narrowing the targeting settings.
What to send?
Increase the engagement rate and boost sales!
Simple "Thank you for following me" works for your followers and clients goodwill.
Chess competition, birthday party, sales presentation - invite your audience with a single click!
Sales offers.
Apply sales scripts, add a link to the landing page or to the sales form to sell faster.
Special Offers.
Offer a X% discount for new followers for their first purchase of your product.
News and Updates.
Are you moving to another location or new stocks arrived? Notify your followers!
Auto DMs
3 Days / 1 Account
● Unlimited Messages for all followers, only new followers and Custom List
● Advanced targeting by gender, activity and age
● Text messages with photos and emoji
● Instagram limits-friendly algorithms
● All-round customer support
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