Website Widgets

Use powerful website widgets to build visitors’ trust
and engagement, generate leads and boost sales.
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Website Widgets

How to use widgets for the website?

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to upgrade your website — our website widgets are already ready-to-use.

Define aim and choose a widget

We offer 14 widgets, which will cover each of the aims you set.

Install and customize

Spend 5 minutes to create a unique widget to grow your business.

Monitor performance

Track statistics and measure the efficiency of a widget and a whole website.

Boost Sales with a smart popup widget

Your business deserves only superior in quality website widgets!

Countdown Collector

Limits drive sales. Remind potential clients about the discount expiry date.

Conversions Counter

Show how popular your products are to increase trust and sales.

Email Collector

Start collecting visitors’ emails faster. You need it for email marketing.


Notify about sales and see the boosted sales rate.


Add a coupon widget and sell more effectively, letting people save a little.

Conversions Counter

Show how popular your products are to increase trust and sales.

Latest Conversion

Increase trust and boost sales showing the activity on your website.

Grow Website Traffic With Widgets For Website

Let people share your website with friends!

Score Feedback

Learn about visitors’ experience and improve your website.

Social Share

Increase social exposure by letting people share info about you in a click.

Live Counter

Let people be sure that you worth it – show how many guests are on the website now.

Grow Website Traffic With Widgets

Improve SEO With Website Widgets

Make people spend more time on your website.

Request Collector

Increase conversion letting your visitors leave a request for your Support Team.


Post a video-explainer or video-guide to make each visitor a client.

Cookie Notification

Increase visitors’ trust reminding them about cookies.

Emoji Feedback

Let people express their opinion about your service.

Aren't You Tired of Low Leads Flow?

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See the widgets for website bounty

DesOur google review widget, Instagram widget,
and other widgets kill it

1 Service = 14 Widgets

You don’t have to search for another widget provider, as we have everything you want.

Excellent visual aid

You will make your website more eye-catching and improve the customer journey.


Our widgets increase CTR and drive traffic to your website.


You can track and estimate the performance of your website to make it even better.

Compatibility with all-type platforms

You can install our widgets on any platform, there are no limitations

Easy to install

It will take a couple of minutes to install a widget and enjoy the results it brings.