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What is Hashtag Analytics?

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Hashtag analytics is an essential part of your Social Media profile promotion strategy. It paints a holistic picture of how this or that hashtag performs. What data can you track?

  • A total number of posts with a hashtag and number of posts per day.

Estimate how actively a hashtag is used (how popular it is) and what competition you will face.

  • Real hashtag difficulty.

Measure how hard it will be to get to the Top posts by a hashtag search. The more popular the tag, the higher its difficulty.

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  • Hashtag activity stats for the period.
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See the dynamics of a hashtag use to get to know whether you are on-trend.

  • The success of the hashtag/time in Feed.

Measure the success of your posting (post reach.) It directly depends on how long your post will be in sight of Instagram users (the first 9-11 posts).

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  • Interactions with real users.
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Learn how users interact with content posted with a certain hashtag and find out the audience's preferences.

  • Reach and impressions stats.

Discover what will be the expected reach of a post with a hashtag. That will hint how popular your content will be.

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  • Similar, related, and Instagram-recommended hashtags.

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Get selections of top tags you can post along with a hashtag you analyze.

  • Emotional evaluation.

Uplevel your marketing by learning how real users perceive posts with a specific hashtag.

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  • The best likes and commented posts.

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Estimate the competition through the analysis of what posts with a hashtag are liked and commented most.

Start tracking hashtags you use, monitor their vital metrics with Instagram report tools and reach success.

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Why Do You Need an Analytics Tool?

Any analysis requires some time, wit, and energy from you, right? Not necessarily — using Instagram hashtag analytics tools, one can ease the process, save time, and get more benefits.

  • Increase impressions and post reach on Media.

Understanding how hashtags work is the key to greater reach of your content. Hashtag analysis helps you learn whether it’s possible to get to the Top with the tag.

  • Improve your social media marketing strategy.

Make your promotion strategy more effective and see the immediate results of your marketing — your audience will grow as well as its engagement.

  • Save time.

Analyzing tags on your own takes time. You need to find out how popular a hashtag is, what posts with it are published, how many likes and comments they collect, how often new posts appear. Around 3 minutes for 1 tag. And what if you want to add 30 Instagram hashtags? Count the time you will spend on it.

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  • Track your branded or any other specific hashtag.

You can track tag mentions that are directly connected with you or your brand from time to time with such tools. Such social media monitoring helps you grow best.

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  • Learn what your audience likes.

Hashtags are related to the topic of the content you publish. Find out what tags and topics your target audience resonates with best.

  • Spy on your niche competitors.

Learn what kind of posts with a hashtag are interacted with more willingly, find your competitors, compare yourself and try to outflank them.

Do you need any other reason why you should use analytics tools in your hashtag strategy?

How to Use a Tool for Hashtag Analysis?

As a rule, hashtag performance tracking tools are paired with tag generators — you search for relevant hashtags and simultaneously get the full information and analytics about the performance of each of them.

1. Look at the frequency of hashtag usage. This analytics is the core here. Popular hashtags should be combined with less trending and rare ones.

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2. Estimate the difficulty of a specific hashtag. If there is no such metric in your tools, make a rough estimation of it based on the Instagram hashtag popularity and usage.

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3. Find additional tags that will be efficient to use together with the chosen hashtag. It can be similar or recommended by Instagram hashtags.

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4. Take a look at the posts with the hashtags – what posts people like and comment on more. If you see that your content is even a bit worse, consider other options: change the hashtags or image/video.

5. Post your media content and track post reach and engagement, compare results. You can find post analytics by clicking View Insights – the tools are available only for Profissional accounts. Do it every time you post.

Is Hashtag Analytics Only for Instagram?

There is no doubt, you can use a hashtag tracker for any social media website. Such analytics is needed also for Twitter, Facebook, and any other platform where hashtags are used.

“All your social media campaigns can become successful if you make constant monitoring and analytics a part of your strategy” Bigbangram Team.

Have you heard about the data-driven approach? If you monitor your statistics regularly, you see the dynamics and are capable of linking them to what you do, finding weak and strong points of your current strategy.

Thanks to their features, hashtag tracking tools do a measurement of only important metrics so that to give you the full performance report for increasing the reach of your content.

Make your content marketing on IG, Twitter, Facebook great — start analyzing data and information! Your popularity is right around the corner.

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