Instagram Hashtag Generator for Precise Targeting

Stop wasting time typing Instagram tags and start elaborating your strategy. Our hashtag generator will do all the rest.
Coming up with the relevant hashtags is difficult.
We understand this like nobody else — we've written thousands of tags for posts while promoting Instagram profiles of our clients.
Sometimes it takes 20, 40 or even 60 minutes of research.

Instead of coming up with new and new hashtags, we came up with a brilliant idea of an Instagram tag generator. And it changed our routine forever.
All you need is to enter 1 keyword.
An Instagram generator will provide you with other 29.

Instagram tags? No, thank you.
RELEVANT Instagram tags? Wrap them up!

When you use too many Instagram hashtags it looks spammy, especially when you use something like #photooftheday", #instagood, and other words which have little-to-no relation to your product. But relevant tags can greatly boost your reach. Let's explain how they change your product's life for the better.
More users will see it
Using a maximum possible number of hashtags that describe your photo, you increase the number of people who will see it. Using relevant keywords, you maximise the chance that these users will belong to your target audience.
More users will like it
Why are people searching photos by tag? They are searching for pictures on the theme they're interested in. Assume that you sell a brand furniture. It's quite obvious that you will receive more likes (and probably follows) if you tag your photos with #designdaily #furniture, and #decor instead of #follow4follow, #nature, and #beautiful.
Some users will buy it
Recent Instagram updates sort of hints that the platform is becoming a perfect place to sell goods. More and more people are searching for brands on Instagram instead of Google. Some of them may look for new furniture (or whatever) right here. And they will notice and likely buy your product only because you used proper tags.

What Will Happen If I Automate
Tag Generation?

Some marketers still don't believe in automation. But statistics say the opposite: 63% of companies that use automation outgrow their competitors who don't. Our hashtag generator for Instagram is one more effective marketing automation tool you can use. So what exactly you get?
More time for strategic tasks
Automating one activity, you spare time for others. With an Instagram tag generator, you can dedicate yourself to more important duties that really require human involvement — marketing strategy development, building buyer personas, content creation, etc.
No junk hashtags

Our tool weeds out all the senseless tags such as above-mentioned #photooftheday and #instagood. They are too spammy and don't bring you benefits anymore. It works like Google Keyword Planner and selects hashtags viewed by real users.
Precise targeting in
2 seconds
Better hashtags = better targeting. But that's not the key advantage of the hashtag generator. The best thing about it is its high speed. It matches keywords with your photo instantly. A couple of seconds — and your post is ready for publishing.
The best part: our Instagram tag generator is FREE
So don't be a penny-pincher, let your friends know this, too.
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