Fantasy name generator

Hi, an avid fantasy fan! Welcome to the name generator fantasy world, where the different names are generated, and mystical characters are created.

Are you still impressed by names like Albus Dumbledore or Minerva McGonagall? You have no idea how someone could come up with that?

Of course, our generator didn't create the names of Joanna Rowling's characters (she was looking for inspiration in a cemetery), but our tool can generate more than that today. 

Fantasy name generator

Are you going to develop a game like a Final Fantasy XIV one, or a name for a football team in a video game, etc., and can't imagine how to name a location or a character? Don't freak out as you've come to the right place  — I have something to offer you.

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What is a fantasy name generator?

It is a special tool that was designed for creating any fantasy names for:

  • book, game, and film characters (elf, dwarf, etc.);
  • shop signs;
  • nation, country, kingdom, continent, or any place names for your fictional world in the film;
  • land and town name of dragons for a fantasy book, etc.

The name generator has subcategories: random fantasy city name generator; male & female fantasy name generator; fantasy world name generator; fantasy human name generator; forest, race, tavern (inn), noble house names generators. And that's not all. Can you imagine how many names there are and how many ideas the tool can generate?

The tips before using the generator

  • Choose uncomplicated names for your book so that the reader can easily pronounce or remember them, but don't forget to be original and creative. A name should be memorable.
  • Before giving a name to a character, pronounce it many times and imagine the character in front of you. Is it the right name for him? Does it accentuate his virtues?
  • Consider the location where your events take place: Scandinavia, France, or Japan? Does the name fit the location, and does it look true?
  • For last names, try to choose short names so that they sound good. But it's up to you, of course.
fantasy city name generator

Five reasons to try a generator right now

  1. It's free (no demo version and charges)
  2. It's online (no installation is needed)
  3. It has filters (for better-targeted search)
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Generate fantasy names in seconds