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Welcome to the generator page, where you are free to generate fake names to protect your privacy on the Internet.

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Some words about Fake Name Generator

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The fake generator is a free online service that creates a fake name and other personal information for you in seconds so that you can secure your data posted online on public websites, networks, and other Internet sources. 

The fact is that thieves of other people's data (name, email, phone number, etc.) use this info to impersonate real people. Such cases are not uncommon, and I hope you haven't fallen “victim to their criminal acts” yet. 

This tool was developed to protect the data you present on the Internet. Now you can use fake data created with a name generator and not be afraid that your actual data could be stolen. 

The use of the fake person generator is perfectly legal and does not break any laws. After all, you have to protect your data somehow and not give a reason for thieves to take advantage of what is confidential for everyone — their private info.

4 reasons to use the Fake Generator

  1. Protects your personal data

By creating fake information, including fake names, the generator encrypts your actual data and thereby makes it secure. So you can have peace of mind and not have to worry about your real personal data being stolen.

  1. Uses a unique encryption algorithm

The random identity generator creates truly fake names and data by “mixing, shuffling, and changing” different names, surnames, letters, and numbers. The special randomness algorithm implemented makes it possible to get interesting real names and data (on the face of it), but in reality, it's all fake. 

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  1. Creates names according to location
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Names and how they pronounce & sound in various countries are entirely different.

Thanks to a built-in filter that allows you to indicate a specific country, the generator will create a fake name that fits the region or country you need to get an ethnically-based cool fake name.

  1. Generates not only fake names

In addition to the name, the instrument also generates fake personal details (age, phone number, birthday, etc.), financial details, and online details (a username, password, etc.).

Thus, you'll get a complete profile with all the necessary fake data.

How to use a Random Person Generator

Although the algorithm for creating fake data is rather complicated, the fake name generator is easy to use. It is because the system has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

You only need to take two mere clicks to get a fake name and other info — no need to download the tool or register here.

  1. Set up filters

Select gender and country to get an ethnically based and appropriate name for your region.

  1. Click on the button

The only thing you should do to finally generate a random name is to press the “Generate” button, and you'll see a generated fake name & date in seconds.

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Is it legal to create fake names and data with the generator?

Yes, it is legal and doesn't break any law. We, as developers of the generator, do not support illegality, mainly concerning personal data. We only want to help protect your personal and real data.

Is it free to create fake names with the tool?

The random profile generator can make a fake name for free at any time. So, you shouldn't pay anything to develop a false name but only connect your device to the Internet and load the generator's page!

May I use the service from Android?

The online generator is compatible with any device, browser, and OS. Thus, don't hesitate to try it out from your favorite device and secure your privacy by creating a fake name.