Word Counter

Wondering how many words are in your essay, story, report? There is an answer, and it's right here! Try this word counter to make it easy for you to count words online, quickly and free (calculating words on your own is a chore). 

In addition, it will do more than just word counting for you: figure characters, sentences, paragraphs, pages, the frequency of keywords used, reading time, and that's not all of the features!

word counter

About the Word Count Tool

Word calculator is a web-based instrument designed for those who need to calculate words during an article, report, essay, etc., writing process without using Microsoft Word, for example, but do everything quickly and in an online mode without additional software installation. 

An innovative count system of the tool displays results immediately while writing text in the page's empty window. And if you insert the whole text, you just have to wait for a second to get all the necessary word & page count, reading time, and even keywords usage results.


For whom can the Word Counter be helpful?

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Content writes

Are you a blogger, copywriter, SEO specialist, or all in one (why not)? Then, you are free to count words with the tool for your articles, posts' captions, etc. It will be handy while you need to find out a word count in a title, description, a body of a text, or know about the number of occurrences of specific keywords, their placement in the text.


If you are a student, this tool is sure to be a must for you at some point during your studies. For example, if you are given a certain length of the essay to write, and you want to determine whether your work fits the general requirements, simply insert your essay, and the tool will calculate everything. 

If you are a teacher and write a research paper, why not check your work for word count, pages, etc., or check that your students have met the length requirements you have given them?


The wordcounter will be useful not only for bloggers, teachers, and students but also for users of other professions and interests too: secretaries, lawyers, or just writers. I think everyone has experienced writing something on google docs, social networks, or any other tool/website and the necessity of finding out the quality of the work and, of course, the length of it. 

Three distinctive features of the Word Counting Tool

  1. Free

Word count service doesn't need any payments to calculate an inserted or written text/document. There are no limits on the text length. So, don't hesitate to try the online counter in usage right now without any fees, limitations, and restrictions.

  1. Online

To count words in text fragments, docs, any other articles or get more info about text properties, you do not need to download or install third-party software. You just need to go to the tool's page, insert the text (or type it in), and immediately get the results.

  1. Multifunctional

In addition to counting the words, the tool will also show you the reading time, speaking time, frequency of keywords, and the number of sentences and pages. And, of course, allow you to save your results at the end of the count.

word count


How to count words with the online word counter?

It's simple: you either copy a text you want and paste it into an empty window of the word count website or type the text you wish to directly in the window. The tool will instantly give you all the information you need about word count, etc.

Can I count the words online from a mobile?

Yes, you can use mobiles too. But it is more convenient to leverage the tool from a pc, especially in the case of long texts.

Should I pay anything for word counter tool usage?

The service for words, sentences, page calculating is accessible no matter what theme or complexity of text you use. So, just paste or type a text and get a word count without any payments.