Instazood is a lovely place of Instagram growth and automation

Be at your best with the management and automation service for social media that gives you an excellent opportunity to use the auto like/follow/unfollow/Stories viewer/DMs sender tool and plan your content posting with the scheduler.

 Instazood service

Four reasons for Instazood usage

  1. Smart automation and control

The service offers various settings and automation filters that will free you from constant comments, likes, and following actions. Now a bot will do it, and your task is to watch the result.

  1. Safety

Forget about a blocked account as the service operates at the speed of the average Instagram user. He is like a human being!

  1. Any device friendly

Use the tool both from pc and phone to access the data anytime and anywhere.

  1. Easy to use

There is no need for installation. So, just go to the service page via browser and keep your device safe while using handy automation tools.

Browse the service's features to pick out those you need more for your Instagram strategy improvement

Instagram bot 

It's a fully automated system for better targeting audience engagement. Customize the bot for more necessary actions.

  • Auto-follow

Let the bot choose those accounts that will be interested in your profile for further following.

  • Auto unfollow

There is no need for “unfollowers” tracking. The bot itself sorts the audience into those who are attractive to you and those who need to be excluded.

  • Auto liker

The bot likes the posts of engaging users who may pay attention to your profile and hit the “Follow” button.

  • Auto comments

It is a great way to attract new users through auto-commenting. You just need a bot to do it, and it takes care of the rest.

 Insta bot

Posts scheduler

Instagram automatization
  • Update your posts feed regularly

Point out the preferable date of posting and upload an image. The bot will automatically publish the post.

  • Add detail

Mark location, hashtags, or captions to make the post more trendy.

Auto DM

  • Welcome DMs

Start communicating with new followers first to get them interested and make them your customers.

  • Customized messages

Create one message for a specific list of followers and get more engagement.

  • Follow up messages

Keep messaging with the follower to make him a client eventually.

Instagram strategy improvement

What about pricing?

14.99$ per month:

  • IG bot
  • Auto DMs.

9.99$ per month

  • Posts scheduler.


  • 5 days trial for all tools.