Combin service is an excellent tool for Instagram marketing solutions and content planning

Don't miss the opportunity to boost your activity and set up Instagram engagement with Combin service that has a lot for you to enjoy.

tool for Instagram marketing

Explore these 5 proofs that the tool is worth trying

Combin service for Instagram
  1. Extended search on Instagram

Explore and engage with the users from your targeting audience or niche. Create a special atmosphere on IG with people you are interested in.

Use the tool to search the people via locations, hashtags, or even users that interact with your opponents.

  1. Audience control

Track the accounts that follow and unfollow you and set up the same actions for several followers groups. Use one tab to browse every account and not to lose the info.

  1. Search analytics

Be selective about your favorite accounts. Pick out those profiles you are interested in most of all, and don't pay attention to fake or brand accs that bother you.

  1. Activity statistics

Keep track of your stats, likes, and comments reviews to ensure you are growing and improving. All information is displayed in a single tab, so you can see your achievements and maybe things to work on at a glance.

  1. Monitor several accounts

Place all your accounts in one window and control the work in the easiest way. It is a great way to simplify your work and free up time. What do you reckon?

benefits of the Combin

Explore all possible features proposed by the Combin


  • track statistics;
  • find the best audience with service search features and filters;
  • find the unengaged users with machine account analysis;
  • mark the profiles you have unfollowed or those who don't follow you back to prevent re-subscriptions;
  • control several accounts not to lose all essential info;
  • view Stories in bulk to attract more followers.


  • postpone your posts or Stories publication for later;
  • automated publishing with a previously selected date and uploaded picture;
  • set up an image size on the planner directly;
  • mark the location to attract the users from that area;
  • point out top hashtags to make your post more trendy;
  • upload photos in bulk to post them as Stories.
  • Make a preview of your IG profile to make sure the post should be published.

Choose any package at a sweet price (or free)


  • Management of 1 Insta account
  • 50 search results (posts)
  • 25 search results (users)
  • 200 actions per day
  • Mass Stories viewer


15$ per month

  • Management of 1 Insta acc
  • 1000 search results (posts)
  • 1000 search results (users)
  • Mass Stories viewer
  • Statistics
  • Unlimited actions
  • Auto-tasks option
  • DM and comments feed


30$ per month

  • Management of 5 Insta acc
  • Availability for 10 more accounts purchase
  • 1000 search results (posts)
  • 1000 search results (users)
  •  Mass Stories viewer
  •  Advanced statistics
  •  Unlimited actions
  •  Auto-tasks
  •  DM and comments feed (coming soon)