BigBangram reviews vs. Ingramer reviews.
What is the best Instagram bot?

What will you choose: extended functionality or x6 effectiveness?
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bigbangram vs ingramer

Why is BigBangram Instagram Bot
better than Ingramer?

I'm glad you've chosen effectiveness!

Best price on the market

$24 for the Instagram permitted number of actions

Auto DM

Send direct messages you want to Instagram users!

Extended IG Bot settings

5 detailed screens of advanced settings for the best results

Buy Likes and Followers

You can buy any likes or followers to any post or account!

Comment Tracker

Track every comment or delete all negative at once!


Keep all your personal follows in whitelist to prevent auto unfollowing!

Why is Ingramer Instagram Bot
better than BigBangram?

I'm glad you've chosen functionality!

Reasonable price

The price is dependent on the number of actions, but nobody takes money for x6 effectiveness!

Visualized statistics

Accurate visual statistic curves! See the big picture!

Lifetime activity

It’s cool to see the activity of the tool and the performed actions number realtime!


You can’t safely use Ingramer after reaching the minimum requirements made by Ingramer.

x6 number of actions

A penny saved is a penny earned.
What about the price of the Instagram automation tool?

At first, you can see that Ingramer is twice expensive than BigBangram, but...

Ingramer: starts from $22

If you need fast results of your promotion campaigns, you see,
that it's reasonable to pay them twice price for Ingramer to get the tool,
that safely performs x6 more actions.

х6 effective!

Messaging MPerformance

Lifetime activity


❌ Comment Tracker

✔️ Auto DM

✔️Posting Module

Price: starts from $22

All tools in one!


Lifetime activity


✔️ Comment Tracker

✔️ Auto DM

✔️Posting Module

Price: starts from $24