Instagram Posting Module

Welcome our new automatic posting module with extended functionality
scheduled posting
Our Instagram bot has already obtained a feature of scheduled posting, but until recently it had rather limited functionality.
Now we've added a ton of novelties which almost completely repeat the same options we have in Instagram.

So let's get started with them.


Video posting
Resizing and changing proportions of the photo
The limit of symbols in the description
Full set of emoji
Post removal timer
The first comment on the post
Liking of your own posts
Choosing the date and time of publication of the post
More than 15 New Features in Bigbangram's Posting Module
In our old posting module, you could only choose the image, write a description and set a timer for the post you made. That's definitely not enough for a full-fledged scheduling, so we decided to respond to the multiple demands and improve this service.
Posting Module
Our posting module is a perfect time saver and productivity booster which costs you only $13 for each account per one month.
3 days / 1 account
Posting video
Resizing photos
Change the proportions of the photo
The description limit for the post
Limit of hash-tags for the post
The ability to leave the first comment under the post
The ability to add location for the post
Choosing the date and time of publication of the post
Post removal timer
Full set of emoji
The ability to edit any of your posts in your account
The ability to put likes on your posts
The ability to review your posts and respond to comments under each post
The ability to put likes on comments and respond to comments
Possibility to delete post / change description / change location
The ability to keep track of the total number of likes / comments under each post

What's Next?
We never stop at what we have achieved and are going to present more options for posting module in the nearest future. Some of them are:
Posting stories. Create temporary videos or photos which will be available for watching within 24 hours using Bigbangram dashboard.
Stickers. Add stickers to your stories without login to the application.
Posting of galleries. Post up to 10 photos or videos in one publication through our Instagram bot.

And much more.
— Evgeniy Royd Founder of