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Direct Messenger

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Nothing is impossible for Bigbangram: we help brands to make their sales go into orbit by speeding up the DM online sending process.
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3 Smart Targeting Options:
Flexible Set-up of Distribution Lists

Send bulk direct messages to all followers, new followers, or the custom list of users.
All Followers
The best way to inform your audience about relevant news, discount, novelties, and any other information related to your brand. Choose this option, if you want to cover all your followers at once.
New Followers
Why linger if you can cut to the chase shortly after a prospect followed you? Don't wait until the interest of your new followers cool off, send them a welcome message or offer a special discount for newcomers.
Custom List of Users
If you came up with something more personalized, you still can automate DM sending. Choose the custom list of users for the most precise targeting.

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Some Proofs That
Instagram DM Really Work:

an increase in revenue after using personalized experiences such as DMs in your marketing strategy
a click-through rate of DM
of sales on Instagram were closed through DM alone
of all Instagram profiles use Direct on a monthly basis

The Reasons to Choose
Direct Message Service:

Save time
Save time
Send 80-120 messages per day
in one click.
Saving 3 hours of personal time per week with auto-messaging

Save money
Save money
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You can send auto
Instagram DM Online to:

● Each new follower
● All existing followers
● Custom user list

Sending direct messages to the existing users can be filtered according to the specific criteria.

Ready to Boost Your Sales by 30%?
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Choose your package:
Direct Messaging
Month / 1 account
● 3 targeting options: bulk DM to all followers, new followers, and a custom list of followers
● Сonvenient message editor — easily add text, images, and emojis
● Additional targeting filters — narrow down your list by age, gender, activity, etc.
● A smart algorithm that never exceeds an Instagram limits
● An unlimited number of campaigns — send unique messages to different users.
● Software setup

*All options come as one package
If you want to reach every follower you have, you'd better choose the Auto DM tool. There's no better way to get maximum feedback, than the direct address to every client.
With the help of the Auto DM tool, you can send messages to new followers, current followers and a custom list of followers.
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Get 100 Instagram Direct Messages Templates FOR FREE!
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Here is a quick step-by-step lesson for you:
First of all, register on Bigbangram — this takes no more than 3 minutes.
After doing this, you will be able to access your personal dashboard, where you can see all the available tools. Choose "Direct Messages" and proceed to these 4 steps:

Choose a targeting option
    As you already know, there are 3 settings available. We bet you will use each of them for different purposes. Decide which is the most suitable for your current campaign and select it.
      Add text and image
      Here you paste your message which may include both text and visual information. Thoroughly think over this step. A basic tip: keep your message concise.
      Apply filters
      You can use additional filters for narrower targeting. You may choose only the particular categories of your followers: only men, only people aged 18-25 or only those who interacted with your last post, etc.
      Launch Campaign
      The easiest step: just click on "activate" and rest easy.

      Direct Messages
      Other Kinds of Instagram Promotion

      We've just figured out that direct messages are definitely great fertilizer for your brand's growth. But what about likes, follows, and other actions that are supposed to bring you fame on Instagram?

      They are not only supposed to, they actually do this. But being great at attracting new followers, there's almost nothing they can do about sales. Take a look at the picture on the right: 56.8% of sales are made through DM, while other tools serve as support here. Still, we are the adherents of an integrated approach, so we recommend you to use a perfect blend of all available tools for better results.
      Direct Messages