List Randomizer

Random list generator is a free and online tool designed to randomize a list of items (numbers, phrases, text, songs, emails, etc.) in a shuffled/random order.

The operation of the list randomizer is based on a special computer algorithm that lets the random sorter shuffle the list of entered items randomly. So, the online randomizer will make life easier for you and reshuffle any items list for you.

random list generator

How to use the random list generator?

online randomizer

To get a shuffled list with the random generator quickly, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the list shuffler page via a browser and insert a list with items in an entry box.

NB: make sure that each item is placed on a separate line (insert items in a column).

Step 2. Set up filters (it is optionally) and press the “Randomize” button.

Step 3. Please wait for the list randomizer to show you a final rearranged list and then copy it.


Is the list randomizer available on any device?

The random list generator supports different devices, operating systems, and browsers. So, you may randomize a list of items from any device, but it will be more convenient for you to do it via a computer if you have a large items list.

Is the random generator always free?

Yes, it is. You may use it for free at any time, and the tool has no limit to the number of lists you can insert.

Do I need to install the randomizer?

No, there is no need to install the tool as it operates in an online version. Besides, you may start using the list shuffler straight away without any registration.