Add text to photo online, free and fast

No matter what your main goal is for making images with text – whether it’s captioning a diagram, or creating a message in your design project, or adding emojis right on the picture – this online free photo writing tool is here to inspire you and help the ideas come easily.

This Bigbangram tool for adding text on image is the simplest and most efficient on the web in 2021.

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How to add text on a photo with Bigbangram

Add text to your pictures like a pro, but with a simple and free tool. Here you can professionally design any picture with text in just a few moments and five easy steps:

1. Choose a photo for your design. Drag and drop the picture or click the “Add image” button and choose one from your device.

2. Click the “Add text” button.

3. Type or paste your text into the box that appears on the image.

4. Customize the text on the picture: choose a font you like, change the color and weight of the font, add effects, and move or rotate the caption.

5. After you’re happy with this caption, click the “Save” button or add another layer of text.

This is why it is the best text-to-pic tool:

add text on a photo

#1 Fast and up-to-date

You can insert text into a picture in a few moments, and design it with modern and stylish fonts and effects. No boring Times New Roman – only hand-selected fashionable fonts that can make any text look great.

#2 Multi-access convenience

Moreover, this text-on-image tool has a convenient dashboard with multi-access projects. Saving and editing features available on all devices2.

add text to photo online

#3 Online and free

adding text to photos

Plus, this Bigbangram is great for adding text to photos on Mac, Windows, iPhone – any device. This is an online tool that doesn’t require any software download, so you can design your images from any device that has a browser.

50+ fonts to insert text into pictures

Fonts play a major role in the design of your caption on an image. And when it comes to text over photos, a big variety of stylish fonts and customizable features are really useful and powerful things.

This online Bigbangram text editor is packed with lots of ultra-useful features and instruments for your creations.

More than 50 amazing stylish fonts were selected by a team of professional graphic designers for your creations – most of these fonts are used by the biggest and most powerful companies in the modern business world. Here you can find a font which is used by Facebook and Instagram, or the one that is used on the Apple website, or in the logos of Starbucks, Adidas, and other fascinating companies.

fonts to insert text into pictures

Google fonts available for text in pictures

bigbangram text editor

Sometimes you are just stuck with your design with no idea how to make it great. And here is the feature that lets you add Google fonts comes in and saves the day.

You can go even further – go to the Google Fonts website and find the font that will make your design slay.

  • Copy the link to the Google font.
  • Place it in the search box in the upper part of the fonts list of Bigbangram text editor.
  • Click “Add font.”

Now you have access to hundreds of fonts to add to your font library! After you use fonts on your picture online – all those you’ve added will be stored in the list of fonts in your dashboard. You will be able to use these fonts again and again in your projects.

This Google fonts feature is ultra-useful for those creators who need to use a special branded font that is required by their brand book. You can easily find your favorite or branded font in the Google fonts library and add it to the list of the Bigbangram text editor.

Google fonts feature