Usage Recommendations

All-in-one Instagram Following Bot
We do everything possible to make your promotion using BigBangram safe and effective. Here we provide you some recommendations, that we strongly suggest you to follow.

  • Your e-mail entered during the registration procedure has to be valid and you should have access to it to pass the validation process.

  • First of all, you need to fill in the profile information and to add a profile photo in Instagram.

  • At minimum 6 photos have to be published in Instagram from your smartphone.

  • The link you add in bio should readdress users to site with unique and original content.

  • Do not violate Instagram rules while posting your content. We cannot take responsibility for your personal actions.

  • When copying images of other users, ensure first that they are OK with this.

  • To demonstrate that your account is alive, share your new images daily or once a couple of days. If people will believe that your account is alive, they will follow you.

  • If you are using several Instagram accounts, apply different usernames in order not to be thoroughly controlled by Instagram's administration and get blocked.

  • Best way to use several accounts – to fulfill account information and avatars in different manner.

  • You should not share same pictures in different accounts.

  • Set up different passwords for different accounts.

  • Your activity and interests in Instagram should be similar to a live person. It's important, therefore our system actions abide by official Instagram limits and simulates the real person activity.

  • KEY NOTE! Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook account to reduce the risk of ban.

  • KEY NOTE! Be careful when promoting using auto comments. You have to create general text that have possibility to comment any image and doesn't look weird.

  • KEY NOTE! Before achieving 600 followers, don't use comment and follow, use only Like feature.

  • KEY NOTE! Use post scheduler to share pictures directly from your PC and minimize activity using your Instagram app.

  • KEY NOTE! If you decided to choose BigBangram for your promotion in Instagram, then you have to stop with all other promotional services. And it would be great not to login into the official Instagram application using your phone while promotion in our system is running. In case of often logins from different devices and systems, there is great possibility to get ban from Instagram.

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