1. General provisions

1.1 Terms and conditions of the provision of the complex of marketing (advertising) services (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") represent themselves an integral part of the public contract (public offer) for the provision of marketing (advertising) services aimed at the promotion of the goods/works/services of the Customer in the photo and video-sharing app Instagram (hereinafter referred to as "Instagram").

1.2 In case of using in the provisions of these Terms and Conditions any terms (notions), they should be interpreted based on the general meaning of the text. If it is impossible to find a single interpretation, it is necessary to interpret them taking into consideration the following priorities: firstly – the rules of international law, secondly – the traditional use of terms on the Internet.

1.3 The Terms of the present Contract are accepted by the Customer exclusively by being added to the current Contract as a whole.

1.4 The Customer uses the Services of BigBangram at his own risk and under his responsibility. The Services of BigBangram are provided on an "as is" basis. The Services of BigBangram are provided without any directly agreed or implied guarantees.

BigBangram does not guarantee and is not responsible for a continuous, fast, reliable or error-free manner of the provision of services with the use of the developed systems and programs.

1.5 BigBangram provides marketing (advertising) services targeted at attracting the attention of real users to the information published by the Customer on the Instagram account, nevertheless, BigBangram does not provide any protection against spam, fraud, and inactive followers.

2 Terms of services provision

2.1. Before the beginning of the provision of services, during the signing up, the Customer shall register his account at the BigBangram website, and by using BigBangram services, the Customer confirms the fact that he accepts and agrees with all the terms determined in the public contract (public offer), this contract and the privacy policy

2.2. Requirements for registration of an account on BigBangram:

2.2.1 for using BigBangram services, the Customer (physical person) shall be over 13 years of age;

2.2.2. the Customer shall be a physical person or shall act on behalf of a company. It is not allowed to register accounts on BigBangram with bots or other automated tools;

2.2.3. the Customer shall provide an accurate email address and other information that is required for the completion of the registration process;

2.2.4. one username can be used only by one Customer. It is not allowed to use one username by several Customers;

2.2.5 account(s) of the Customer shall be synchronized with Facebook with a view to minimizing the risk for the account(s) of being blocked;

2.2.6. it is recommended to add a Customer's personal phone number and to promote an account with the help of likes until the number of followers reaches 500 (five hundred);

2.2.7. it is recommended to make posts with a periodicity of 1 (one) photo (video) in 1-3 days;

2.2.8. it is recommended not to use similar accounts names;

2.2.9. it is recommended not to exceed a daily limit for unfollowing; in case manual unfollow is activated and the number of planned unfollows changes;

2.2.10. in case of the use of BigBangram it is prohibited to use other similar systems and not to enter the account via the official Instagram app;

2.2.11. with a view to managing and promoting a BigBangram account, it is required to provide us with a username and password of an Instagram account as well as the information on the specificity of the goods, background materials and other information that is necessary for BigBangram to provide services and getting API Instagram information.

2.3. In case the Customer uses the payment system bePaid to pay for the service(s) chosen on the website as well as on expiry of a 3-day trial period, a monthly subscription on the chosen service is activated automatically which is notified to the Customers at the moment of activation of the service (services).

2.4. In case of the use of Bigbangram Customers shall not alter, adapt or hack Bigbangram in any way which could lead to the mistaken impression that it is related to Bigbangram and/or its partners.

2.5. In order to provide its services, Bigbangram is entitled to turn to third-party suppliers and partners, hosting for getting the necessary hardware and software, network services, information storage services as well as related and other technologies that are required to provide the Customer with services.

2.6. During the use of BigBangram services, there may appear such situations when Instagram requires confirming an account by sending a confirmation code via SMS service or in any other ways.

BigBangram is not responsible for the situations when the Customer does not receive an SMS and is not able to unlock the account. In such a case the payments made by the Customer won't be refunded. The rest of the prepaid period may be transferred to another account by sending an inquiry via email: [email protected]

2.7. If the capacity and load used by the Customer significantly exceed the average capacity (which is defined solely by BigBangram) or the capacity of other BigBangram's clients, BigBangram reserves the right to immediately deactivate the Customer's account or to restrict its activity until the Customer reduces the capacity consumption or load.

2.8. BigBangram does not guarantee that:

- the services won't be interrupted, will be fast, reliable and error-free;

- the results achieved with the help of the services provided will be accurate and reliable;

- the quality of any products, services, information and other materials purchased or received by the Customers with the help of BigBangram will meet the Customer's expectations.

Terms of changing services

3.1. BigBangram reserves the right to suspend or revoke the provision of some services or their parts in any time by publishing the specified information on the BigBangram website at Such an action does not presuppose any liability from the side of BigBangram.

3.2. Monthly pricing for different tariff plans can be changed by BigBangram without any notification. The information about new rates shall be provided by publishing it on the BigBangram website at New rates are not applied to the period that has been already paid by the Customer.

3. 3. BigBangram is not liable to the Customer and any other parties for all changes, pricing updates, suspension or termination of the provision of services.

Terms of the provision of services in accordance with tariff plans

4.1. Before taking a decision on purchasing the services, the Customer has a possibility to activate BigBangram for 1 (one) dollar for a period of 3 (three) calendar days.

4.2. The Customer agrees that purchasing services he realizes that makes a purchase, agrees with terms and tariffs, and under any circumstances won't make fraudulent claims via PayPal, BePaid and any other payment systems.

4.3. To make a payment it is necessary to have a valid credit or debit card as well as a current bank account.

4.4. The cost of services under this contract is to be paid by the Customer on a 100% prepayment basis by transferring funds via Paypal system, bePaid system, paying via a personal bank account or in any other way that is not prohibited by law.

4.5. The amount paid for the services is not refundable.

4.6. In case the Customer uses the payment system bePaid to pay for the service(s) chosen on the website as well as on expiry of a 3-day trial period, a monthly subscription on the chosen service is activated automatically which is notified to the Customers at the moment of activation of the service (services).

In other cases upon the expiry of a prepaid period subscription is canceled.

Automatic debit by subscription takes place on the third day after the beginning of the trial period; the amount is equivalent to the current price of a 1-month cost of Instagram promotion.

If the funds are transferred and after that the subscription is canceled, it will be automatically ceased after the expiry of the pre-paid period.

At any time, the Customer is entitled to cancel the subscription via "Settings" on the control panel or by contacting the help desk via email: [email protected].

Privacy terms of services provision

5.1. Neither of the parties of the Contract is entitled, if the opposite is not presupposed by the offer, to disclose or in any other way directly or indirectly reveal information on any documents and data (including legal, commercial, technical and organizational information) that it possesses, has received from any parties or has obtained access to in any case due to or in the framework of the services provision.

5.2. Neither of the parties of the Contract is entitled to use any information or documents that are considered to be sensitive under the provisions of the offer and the present Contract, in personal needs or for financial gain outside of the scope of this Contract.

5.3. Under the Contract the term "Confidential information" refers to any technical, commercial, organizational and other information that has a real or potential value for the parties due to the fact that it is unknown for third parties who might get profit on its disclosure or usage, that is not publicly available and in respect to which relevant protecting measures are applied.

5.4. Each of the parties shall ensure confidentiality maintenance by all employees, auditors, consultants, technical specialists and other persons involved by it in the framework of the conclusion and execution of the offer and the Contract and is responsible for maintenance of the confidentiality of the received information by them.

Liability, guarantees and compensation

6.1. The Customer guarantees that the content of information (the posted content) that is published on his Instagram account is in compliance with current international law.

6.2. In case the Customer orders any kind of the services offered by BigBangram and achieves positive quantitative and qualitative results in Instagram including likes, views, followers, etc., BigBangram does not guarantee permanent performance indicators and is not responsible for the decrease in these indicators.

6.3. Any types of threats (verbal, physical, written insults as well as insults of other types) including threats of violence and retaliation that are aimed at any Customer or BigBangram itself, its employees, partners, shall result in immediate deactivation of the account and recourse to the competent authority and provision of relevant evidence.

6.4. The Customer is solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the information (posted content) published on the account and activities that are conducted from his Instagram account., for violation of copyright and other related rights, unauthorized use of trademarks and other means of identification.

6.5. In case BigBangram and/or its partners receive any claims from third parties related to the violation of their rights and legal interests by the Customer, as well as injunctions, warnings and other acts of controlling bodies regarding the published materials on the Customer's account, the Customer is obliged to solve these issues independently without the involvement of BigBangram and/or its Partner.

6.6. In case of the engagement of BigBangram and/or its Partner to any judicial process through a fault of the Customer as well as imposing of a fine on the Customer and/or Partner by controlling bodies, the Customer is obliged to compensate the expenses of BigBangram and/or its Partner including legal fees in full.

6.7. In case of BigBangram's and/or its Partner's losses caused by the Customer's activities, the Customer is obliged to compensate the damages in full.

Other provisions

7.1. Relation to Instagram:

BigBangram is in no way affiliated with and is not sponsored by Instagram, Facebook or any other external partners of Instagram.

BigBangram is not intended to weaken the Instagram's trademark.

BigBangram works absolutely independently from Instagram.

BigBangram is not trying to make profits from Instagram's reputation.

The similarity of the trademarks of BigBangram and Instagram does not have any significance. These are domain names and being trademarks they are owned by absolutely different companies.

7.2. The current version of this Contract is published on the BigBangram website on the Internet at

7.3. BigBangram is entitled to unilaterally introduce changes to this Contract by publishing the amendments on the website at that take effect upon their publication.

7.4. The Customer is responsible for the correct account cancellation and has a possibility to contact the help desk via email: [email protected]

7.5. The Customer is entitled to cancel a subscription before the end of the billing period. In such a case the cancellation will take place in the date when the following billing period starts and before that day the Customer still has access to the services of BigBangram.

7.6. Other questions that are not covered by this Contract, questions concerning the provision of services as well as all other inquiries related to BigBangram can be sent via email: [email protected] or via the online chat at at any time during working hours specified on the website