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Additional services

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To have the complete view, we analyze all the actual processes in the social networks, define the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and provide our conclusion before decision will be finally taken on this basis.
Based on the data in the brief on the target audience, needs and business objectives we perform analysis of competitors pages and create the strategy of the company. Depending on the chosen subscription we define the social networks which will be used and decide what incite is better to use to pay attention of consumers to targeted product or service. Also de define when and by which days is better to deliver publications.
Content planning
We develop a very special content plan to create your account appeal to the consumers, your new publications have to be interesting and bright. We prepare future content for social networks. In case of need we implement the rubrication (i.e. the approximate division of the posts by headings). For Example: for a shop of wedding dresses, you can develop a column about fashion trends, about best weddings for inspiration, about promos of the store, about how someone who made an offer and others are defined with contests and types, promotions and the mechanics of the contests, based on the needs. After approval from customer all it starts working.
Targeted advertising set up and maintenance
Properly tuned targeted advertising can be a great source of orders and sales. According to internal marketing research, we found that properly tuned targeted advertising for our customers, increase sales of not less than 200% at minimal cost. A few companies can consistently show such high income, and there no sense to speak about "Amateur freelancers".
Generation of Hashtags #
Correctly generated hashtags are a real navigation for further buyers of goods and services. That's why you shouldn't ignore this tool.
Social networks branding
Cover or avatar is the face of company, if they are of poor quality or tasteless, it will be concluded that the company has no seriously positioning itself on the market. We advise you to leave up to professionals. We consider absolutely everything from the effects of colour on perception of the person till the sizes of covers taking into account the mobile safe area.
Banners design
Only visually attractive, created according to the rules and standards graphic content can engage the customer and make him read the information. So creation of graphic content is a very important and responsible task. Our team of designers will develop a banner according to the exact dimensions for each social network, we will make it visibly cute and nice to the eye of any user.
Contests organization
Basing on the business strategy and business objectives, we develop a contest for its priority in the social network or across several at once. From the very beginning we discuss possibility of the customer to provide the prize (this may be a product or service that directly produces the customer or completely extraneous prizes, valuable to potential subscribers). Tasks may be different: increase the involvement of subscribers, increasing product recognition and brand loyalty, provide inputs to the content etc.

On this basis we develop the mechanics of the contest: we write text for contest, we prepare design of banner and execute preliminary test for advertising effectiveness in Instagram and Facebook. Also we receive approval for promotional budget of the contest, and then start the competition (duration of the competition is discussed with the customer). If case of need we set up targeted advertising. At the end of the contest we summarize the results, the winner is chosen differently depending on the mechanics of the contest:

  • Winner is chosen by a special software that chooses a random winner(we often use Woobox)

  • Winner is selected by judges

To attract the target audience we use a unique text that carries significant information and advertising value for readers, and as you know the more useful the content is, the better and more subscriptions and engagement the client get. And that is our final target.
Professional network LinkedIn has nearly 350 million users. In this social network there is lot of users interested in specific industry segments. Therefore, for certain niches, the social network is a priority and we think you shouldn't miss your target audience.
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We inspire visually

We expect, that it would be enough for you to take a look at the examples of our posts and find out that people will love your page and their reaction to each of your messages will be absolutely perfect.
What will I get from it?
That's okay to have interest and we are ready to share more information with you.
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What I will get from it?
It's important to use all the possibilities of internet marketing to fully implement business tasks, therefore SMM should not be overlooked. Social Media is really helpful and efficient solution for business tasks. For example, increase brand loyalty and present your products and services to your potential customers. If this is a great opportunity to get new customers, why not to try this?
Whether I have to do something after I will pay for subscription?
After you order our services, we expect you to provide us full information about your business, so that we can work for the 100%. The more information we have - the more opportunities for the creative ideas to be realised.
I saw the same service, cheaper, why yours is better?
We are the team of professional specialists, having many years of experience in digital-marketing, as well as in SMM. We have been learning so many things from personal experience, which are really make us extra-class specialists, therefore our work can be exceptional!
Which subscription is better to choose?
It's better to choose №3 tariff which completely solves all your business tasks and you don't have to spend a single minute of your precious time to take a look at these problems.
I don't have much money, can you offer me something?
You can always take a single service at any suitable time for you. Take a look at the price - it's really cheap!
I want that my account would be best ever, can you help me?
We have a great team of designers, Internet marketers, copywriters, all the scope of creative staff. Our target is to realize our creative potential, that's why we are always ready to show the highest level of our professionalism and create splendiferous product for you.
Why do I need all this?
Thanks to us you can save 2 hours a day, which is 60 hours per month and the efficiency is increased exponentially. The biggest and most important problem is that content posted without specialist's participation has no engagement, hence no one can see the publication, and if no one sees, then there is no meaning of that. That's why you need SMM specialist to bypass smart algorithm feeds in social networks and make posts seen by as many people as possible with targeting ads which is needed to be properly configured + publish unique interesting content to attract more attention of potential customers.
How do you organize contests?
Based on business strategy and tasks we are holding a contest in a top-priority social network or in several at once. Provisionally we discuss the customer's options for prize awarding (it can be a product or service produced by the customer or completely outsiders prizes valuable to potential followers). The tasks can be different: increasing followers engagement, increasing product awareness and brand loyalty, obtaining some content stuff, etc. Based on these factors we develop structure of the competition, write text for the contest, discuss the budget for promotion of the contest, develop banner and check it for advertising efficiency in Facebook. Only after these actions the contest is running (the duration of the contest is discussed with the customer). We also setup targeted advertising if needed. At the end of the contest we sum up and the winner is chosen depending on the of the contest format:

  • The winner is chosen randomly by the program (we often use Woobox)
  • The winner is selected by the jury team

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Our benefits

Our target is to deliver followers and sales to our clients through high quality understanding of human psychology and market needs
Ability to understand people and communicate with them;
We are the leading team in delivering extra-quality services to our clients.
Knowledge of social media features, audience, technologies and rules;
All our professionals have more than 5 years of experience.
Ability to create interesting content that will blow up people's mind;
We have over-experienced team of professionals.
Ability to use promotional tools. Such as targeted advertising systems and promo posts.
Our team is constantly being improved along with the advertising industry development.
Ability to attract social media audience to the customer's website;
We spend years hardly working, now we are the best!
We know to analyze tools that provide social networks, monitor the advertising campaigns effectiveness, measure coverage and other indicators to influence the target audience.
We provide you opportunity to manage your progress and success
Knowledge of brand promotion strategies
We know to invent, create and implement special strategies for each product, whatever you need.
We guarantee the exceptional result!
Work with us, will give you:
- Increasing of customers flow
- Increasing of sales amount
- New markets share