5% of users are facing problems with adding Instagram accounts to the BigBangram system.
Below you will find the instruction: how to solve this problem in several steps
Do you see verification pop-up window?
Generally, problems arise due to the two factor authentication enabled or your account's IP address is on the suspicious list.
You need to do the following:
1. Verify by SMS and Email as required.

2. Link your Instagram profile to your Email, Phone number and Facebook.
Go to your Instagram app → Settings → Linked Accounts → Facebook
Go to your Instagram app → Edit Profile → Email/Phone
It's necessary to link on all three items.

3. Password resets.
While Login to your Instagram app click "Forgot Password" and get a link for a new password.
Now it's work?
YES - Great! Now you can start to grow your Instagram!

NO - Contact us at [email protected]
We're here to help you.