Instagram Direct Messages
– Your Potent Weapon in the Fight for Success

Automatic DM can be effective. Customize bulk messaging and start reaping the benefits.
Let Bigbangram become your personal sales assistant.
Our smart bot is a technology which can replace a sales representative in a world of digital marketing.

How Can Instagram Messages Boost Revenue?

According to our research, Instagram DM messages bring you 56.8% of total amount of sales. The other instruments – comments, likes, follows, etc. – are lagging behind. Let's explain why it happens in this way:
Direct messages work like personal selling
You make an individual offer which your particular prospect can't reject and significantly increase the probability of the purchase.
More than 86% of users read direct messages
While comment, likes, and even follows often go unnoticed.
Instagram DM make purchase simpler
You include all the necessary information in your message, so the prospect can only click on the link and buy.
But there's one small catch: a lot of brand owners hire specialists or send unique direct messages to the prospects on their own, wasting a lot of time. There is no longer need to do this when you have Bigbangram at your fingertips. Our service allows you get rid of this daily grind.

It doesn't mean that you will send a bunch of absolutely identical messages to every future client regardless of his or her interests. With Bigbangram you can customize messages according to the specificities and demands of each group of customers. After this little effort, you can delegate responsibilities to our smart bot.

Bigbangram Can Send Messages to:

All Followers

If you need to announce a new product, upcoming discounts or anything else, this is the best option to choose.
New Followers

Welcome new followers of your brand with a small greeting. Along with that, you can offer them something lucrative.
Custom List of Followers
Choose only specific prospects to make them a custom offer. This feature works especially great when it comes to selling products.
Pay only $9 and get an unlimited access to direct messages functionality.

Who Else Wants to Know How to Make DM Even More Effective?

We bet you want. Good news: we have a team of experts in social media marketing who constantly post useful materials on Bigbangram's blog. These articles will help you to build an ultimate business strategy and succeed in your niche. To learn more about proper promotion with direct messaging click here:

4 Pillars of Our Promotion Services

Service's interface is so simple that you need only 5 minutes for signing up, 10 minutes for settings adjustment and you're free! Create a new promotion campaign in just 15 minutes in total.
Our solutions bring guaranteed results to our customers. Why? Bigbangram's services were designed by experts in marketing and PR in accordance time-tested methods and current trends.
All the options are available directly on the dashboard. The one-page interface provides you with a quick access to any function we have for you.
Bigbangram all-in-one bot accurately adheres to Instagram's restrictions regarding likes, comments and follows per day. It can't exceed the limits, so your account will be never blocked.
Bigbangram Customer Feedback
Sounds good? Then we offer you a deal you can't refuse. Activate your 3 days trial and check the workability of our services using your own Instagram account for 1$. If you are satisfied with the results, choose one of the packages to continue your promotion. If no, tell us what you don't like about Bigbangram bot and we'll fix it soon. However, we've received 0 complaints since we operate on the web.
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