A Life-Saving Feature for Those Who Miss Comments All the Time — Instagram Comment Bot

Always forget to respond to important questions on Instagram? Keep your comments in one place and you'll never miss a single comment again.
Receive too many comments that can be barely handled? Congratulations, you are likely on the right way. Every owner of the rapidly growing profile has been through it. The more followers you get — the harder it becomes to manage your account by hand.

If you want to optimize your comment tracking with minimum expenses — join Bigbangram. We know how to speed it up.

Let's Boost Your Engagement Rate Further On

Let's imagine there are two brands. The first one gets a lot of comments from followers but never responds to the questions they ask. The second one speaks further and commends everyone for the support. How do you expect: which one will have the higher loyalty among its customers and, consequently, better sales? Obviously, the second one.

The best way to increase your engagement rate further on is to never stop interacting with your followers, regardless of your growing popularity.

"But how can I do this, if I'm getting lost in all those likes and comments? Might as well, I can spend the whole day only to find those relevant questions" — You may ask.

That's an entirely fair remark. We bet you will spend the whole day if you check every post and scroll through dozens or hundreds of comments under each one.
Instagram Comment Tracker —
All Your Comments on the One Page
Simplicity is a key to the success of our multipurpose Instagram bot. The comment tracker is not an exception — all your comments will be displayed on the one page in chronological order.
That makes the comment management as easy as pie. The answering form is right here, too: respond to important questions without leaving the app.

But that's not all.
There are 3 features to organize your comments in a more convenient way:

Delete Spam

Apart from the fact that spam is annoying, it distracts you from better things. Easily remove spam messages in one click.
Mark as "Important"

Too busy to answer now? Mark the comment as "important" and go over that later. Thus, you'll never forget to answer your followers.
Search for Comments

Need to find some specific comment or person? Type a keyword or a nickname and quickly jump to the comment you need.
As you can see, our Instagram comment bot a killer tool for those who want to improve their communication with followers. It's fast, it's easy, it's smart — and that's why it helps you grow.

Comment Tracker is the wisest choice for anyone who wants to keep in touch with their audience.
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