2 Proven Methods To Win Thousands of Followers On Instagram

Have you ever wondered how to make the number of your followers skyrocket? If yes, keep reading to find Bigbangram's secret of growth.
First of all, let us ask you one question: why do you need more followers on Instagram?
Have you already got a business Instagram account but experience little-to-no followers gain?
Are you a novice in this field and have no idea how to get more followers?
Or maybe you are generally satisfied with your extensive outreach, but still aiming higher, aren't you?

We all know it's human nature to want more and expand everywhere — in business, in personal life, and on Instagram. You and your company are likely not an exception if you want more likes and followers. And we are here to help you get exactly what you want regardless of how many followers you have right now.

Step 1: Paving the Way

Let's recall the parable of the sower. He went out to sow his seed. And some seed fell down nearby the road, the other — in stony soils, and only the smaller part reached good and fertile soil where it reaped a bumper crop. You must have guessed what this is about.

Good content = fertile soil to grow your account.

To pave the easy way to boost your number of followers on Instagram, you need to fill your profile with a strong stuffing. Let's reveal 3 evidence of good Instagram content.
Visual attractiveness

Make sure you use modern camera or smartphone to take your photos and videos. Technically, your posts should have proper exposure, contrast, eye-pleasing colors, and be detailed enough. Also, they should have good composition.

A lot of people want to reap benefits here and now. So give them those benefits — provide useful content they need. Create how-to posts, tell more facts about your company and industry, share your customers' content, back your photo up with a story behind. Add value to your content.

The main reason why you lack follower engagement is that you lack interactive posts in your profile. Now Instagram offers vast opportunities to make your content interactive — from built-in polls and captions to shoppable posts and stories. Don't forget to call your followers to action each time you publish anything.

Step 2: Applying Methods to Gain Instagram Followers — the Quick and the Quickest

Let's fire away with the quick one

Mass-following. Follow-unfollow strategy. You heard these words a million times but still have no idea why it is so effective.
Briefly, this method works easy:
You follow a lot of people
Some people notice this and follow you in response
You enjoy increased number of followers
Repeat as many times as you need.
So let's walk you through the whole process.

1. Follow People on Instagram
Follow only people that might consider your profile relevant to their interests. Use your industry-related tags, audiences of popular influencers in your niche, and search by location to find those people.
"But it's too time-consuming to follow thousands of people" - You can say. And will be right.

We offer a solution: an Instagram Follow Bot

Using our smart assistant, you can spend less time on your Instagram promotion. All you need is to choose your target audience and Bigbangram will automatically follow users within the chosen filters.

Instagram Limits: you can follow up to 7500 people.
2. Interact with Instagram Followers
You can maximize mass-following effect by interacting with people you follow. For instance, you can:

A simple way to turn the spotlight on your company is to choose a like+follow option on your Bigbangram dashboard. The bot will follow users and like a couple of their posts to increase the chance of follow-back.

Comments work almost the same as likes but boost engagement even more. Activate a commenting option to add +50% to the likelihood of follow-back.
Send a welcome message

The best method to keep somebody who has already followed you after likes, follows, and comments. With our bot, there is no need to write numerous messages — simply create one template and send it to every new follower to welcome them.
3. Unfollow People
Wait 3-5 days and start unfollowing people to free space for new followings. To do this quickly, we offer you to set an unfollow campaign in Bigbangram's dashboard. You can unfollow only the particular number of followers or only those who don't follow you back.

You can repeat these actions until you won't reach your desired number of followers. But always keep in mind: content is a king!
Too time-consuming? We have the quickest method for lazybones

If you don't want to spend time on launching campaigns, tracking results using analytics tools, and targeting audiences, you can simply buy instant followers at Bigbangram.

However, we recommend buying followers only to attract new ones. It is the powerful method to improve your credibility, but nobody guarantees you high engagement rate. Purchased followers won't buy your goods & services, they are here to bring those followers who will.

Step 3: Turning Followers into Clients

This is the last and the hardest step. 67% of sales reps don't hit their quota. This means more than ⅔ of businesses experience low close rates. It hurts indeed.

How Instagram Can Help?
It's a proven fact that people much easier contact each other on social media networks than elsewhere. The same applies to companies. For example, chatbots designed for Facebook Messenger had huge success — 98% open rate against 21.8% of email open rate.

Automate Instagram DM and close more sales. Our bulk DM sender will do all tough job instead of you — all you need is to prepare a few templates and choose the target group of users.
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