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Welcome to BigBangram service :)
You can have a great number of Instagram followers using our service. It would be not bad for your biz development. This process takes about 2-3 hours per week.
Are you ready to have a deal with it right now? =)

Let's get it started!
The first step is to add your Instagram profile to our system.
Here is a short and simple instruction with images: How to add an Instagram account to the Bigbangram service?
Ta daa! Now your account is ready to the super promotion.

What's the next?
The next step is to create advertising campaigns to attract potential customers.
How to make it - How to start the promotion? (step by step manual)

Some recommendations:

  1. Don't stop with only one campaign. With our service you can make many different ones. Start your campaign business with making 5-6 streams to compare the results and to reach the large potential audience. The process won't take more than 10 minutes.
  2. Be cautious and careful! Get acquainted with the limitations which are strongly recommended for the new Instagram accounts - The Limits of Promotion
  3. Don't forget to check out your campaigns' results from time to time. If you have weak-resulted ones, turn them off. There's no sense to waste your time, is there? Removing ineffective campaigns you give an opportunity to the best ones to bring a great result!
  4. Use your clients' mentality. Picking hashtags and reserve accounts, try to walk in your potential client's shoes. Would you sign in this page? Would you use these hashtags in your posts?
We have a great hope that our advice will be useful for you!

By the way, after the 1st payment we provide you FREE launch and set up of several promos.

If you have some questions, write us on and we are ready to give the answers=)

Have a nice day!