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Would you like to have your own service to promote the Instagram accounts with scheduled posting functionality?

You use BigBangram, because it is convenient, profitable and efficient, is not it?

Many people run their Instagram accounts and trust only these modern cloud systems, because high labor costs and expertise required to develop such services, filtering out inexperienced and unscrupulous executors.

You probably already thought it would be nice to have your own similar service, but you stopped by some powerful arguments:

  • The development of such a system by professional team takes about a year long time.
  • Expensiveness of developing such a service - tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The subscription fee for developers who maintain the system and improves it adding new functionality.
  • You do not understand programming, so afraid of being cheated on any of these steps.

We have a good news for you:
  • We have developed a flexible platform that allows to run such services in record time - 7-10 days.
  • Since you're already using BigBangram, then even before the development of your service, you clearly understand what results you are guaranteed to get.
  • You don't have to have any technical knowledge. We are responsible for absolutely all of the technical issues.

What you get:
  • Professional, fully working solution in 7-10 days.
  • Service runs under your domain name and under your own brand - that is your personal cloud system to work with Instagram accounts.
  • You will earn money with your system the same way as we earn on BigBangram. People trust in such services. In addition, we are constantly helping in the promotion of your system.
  • Since the service user interface is translated into several popular languages, you can promote your system practically all over the world.
  • You get a dealer status. A fixed cost per account for you - absolute lowest price on the market of such systems.
  • We place your own conditions of use and prices on your website. At the margins of 100-200% you stay competitive in the market of similar systems.
  • With the growth of the number of your customers we can make your website able to automatically receive payments.
  • Admin Panel where you have access to information about your customers and their accounts.
  • Constant updating of the system. Your service is able to do anything that BigBangram can.
  • Record low cost of launching the system.

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