How can we know that Bigbangram is working correctly? with statistics

All-in-one Instagram Following Bot
If you are the newcomer to BigBangram, we give you 3 days period, during which you have access to all the scope of our rich functionality absolutely for free. You have access to such BigBangram tools such as Promotion, Direct, Comment Tracker and Posting.

After you register and login, you should run the promotion and create 7-9 promos choosing desirable strategy. Our bot start working in approximately 20 minutes after the launch.
In your dashboard you could see the results of system activity, statistics and progress. To better understand what is going on, you can apply your own statistics the following way:
● Status: All (not deleted)
● Type: All types
● Time: 24 hours
After all the filters are set up, reload the page. Then you will see the Coverage indicator. If it doesn't match to "0" – everything is ok and our Bot started his work.


Set the time filter at your choice to observe the results of your account's activity within last hour, a day or another time limit.
The "Coverage" indicator will show the exact number of performed actions (likes, comments, follows).

● If you will click the "more" button you will be allowed to observe statistic in details;
● To ensure that the bot is working on, you should first of all check if the "coverage" indicator changes. First results will be seen in 2 hours after the setup and launch.
● If coverage indicator is "0", please go to the "more" menu and check skipped number, if it is too high, then you have too strict settings and system skipping accounts with no interaction.
● If you will see that all the accounts "skipped" – that means your account may be blocked by Instagram administration. In this case you have to stop all the activities for about 12 hours.
Promos Activity
Our intelligent bot works on the promos in turns . So, if you will see zero activity for the first time it doesn't mean, that our bot does not work. You will be shown exact results for each promo you add – the number of likes, comments, follows, coverage and conversion promo by promo.

Promos You added can be disabled in following cases:
1. Unfollow process started to perform automatically, please do not stop it.
2. Your promo has status "Completed" (the bot has processed all the possible accounts).
3. You promo is paused.
4. Your paid period has been finished.

If one of mentioned above cases happened, we recommend:
1. Let the unfollow process go till the end, or you may check and change your options for the automatic unfollow.
2. Delete the promo you added. Anyways you can add it again at any desirable time.
3. You can click pause button and run this promo again.
4. You have to pay to prolong your subscription.
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