What your Instagram account can be banned for?

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Instagram reasons of Ban

The official rules of Instagram use came into force on 19th of January 2013, which are still actual till today. Today we will share with you some information and explanations regarding different cases of ban and its reasons. Instagram daily works hard to make the space of social network more clear and comfortable for users. So, if you do not break the rules, there are no reasons to panic or fear. Especially for those who use bots and afraid of ban because of this, we want to mention that usually such accounts may be banned only if they already created network with 1000 of bots or even more.

What kind of images can be published?

According to internal Instagram rules it is restricted to publish images demonstrating violence or nudity. Also it's restricted to share images which contains porn materials, obscene and violation of rights. So be careful when choosing content for new posts.


Especially for our users we want to provide a very little comment: do not share images showing some nu body parts. For the first time there are good chances that you will get a warning notification, next time you will be banned for 100%. But we want to underline that there were cases of ban from the first nude image publication.

Instagram logo

The Instagram logo and manufacturer's mark are property of Instagram company and they should not be copied or used for commercial purposes without prior approval or license from Instagram side.
Important notification: whether You will use Instagram logo without any previous agreements with the administration You will get permanent ban.

Documents images

You will be for 100% banned, if you will share any kind of private documentation (e.g. credit cards photos, passport photos, also this rule may be applied to the documentation containing phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.).
We strongly do not recommend you to share suck kind of images, because it may bring you over to fast and permanent ban.


You should not provide mails, messages, comments and perform other actions directly related to the commercial operations as well as to provide spam to Instagram users.
We want to ensure you, that you will be banned if your messages or likes will be deemed to be a spam or a business activity.

Also you have good chances to be banned if you will duplicate comments or use them to the direct self-promotion.

Accounts creation

You should not register Instagram accounts through other special services (e.g. promotional services, bots, or other automation facilities).
And there is a big possibility, that if Instagram will define that your account was registered via bot service or promo service You will be quickly banned.

Here we shared the main issues, which can lead you to the permanent or temporary ban. We highly not recommend you to violate the rules mentioned above.
And if we will define the importance of violation of each rule, leading you to the ban of Instagram account, we will see the following image:
1. Violation of laws, related to the intellectual property regulation – high chances to get banned;
2. Spam expansion – medium chances to get banned;
3. Mass liking, mass following and use of automatic promotional services (such as BigBangram is) – low chances to get banned if you will be careful.
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