I added a promo, but it stays on the same place

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Since you just started to use BigBangram service to promote your Instagram account and added a promo, don't' worry if the service did not start operation immediately after the promo was added. It will take about 10 minutes before the first operation in the automatic manner will begin. But if 10 minutes gone and the service did not start operations, you should check for 3 reasons:

1. The added promo has no your target audience according to your settings.
2. The chosen account is a private.
3. The chosen account is blocked by Instagram administration.

Don't forget, that the more settings and conditions you will set, the lesser your target audience will be.

Let's take a look on the following example:

You chose as a donor for your promo campaign an account with 10 000 followers and chose the following settings:

  1. Skip private accounts
  2. Skip 10% of accounts
  3. A minimum of 30 photos per account
  4. The maximum number of Followers - 1000
  5. The maximum number of Followings - 300
  6. Only 3 Languages are selected

Finally you will see, that from these 10 000 followers of donor account only a very small part will be engaged into your promo campaign, due to a huge number of criteria you have chosen.

Also there is a possibility, that you added as a promo such donor account that does not have followers matching your conditions at all.

So we advise you to use "Targets" and "Followers" strategy.

What does it mean?

Followers strategy means that you are focused on the number of followers when choosing donor account to be added into the promo. The more followers a donor account has, the better chances that your target audience will be found. If you will choose as a donor account with for example about 1 000 000 of followers, your chances to find real active Instagram followers will be great. In such kind of choice, you really can set a big number of conditions and anyways get followers.

Targets strategy requires from you the work on the Mass following lists.
This strategy will give you the best conversion results. To use it you have to create a special list in the ID format. Be attentive, if the format will not match, the list will not work in BigBangram system.

We strongly recommend you to use Segmento target service to create the mass following lists. It the best service to make it quick and in easy way. Your audience will be found and the ID format list will be created.

There are two more promotional ways: Hashtags and Locations . We also have some filters and settings to perform it.

Special Note:

If you set filters and options, run promos, and if you are for 100% sure that you did everything right, but service still does not work, then reset all settings to default, set them once again and press START button.

We hope this information will be helpful!
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