How to run the promotion
in 5 minutes

Here you will find answers to all your questions:
We appreciate your time
This manual is created for you to spend no more than 5 minutes for setting all the functions up and be able to receive the first results using our intelligent Instagram bot.

Follow these few steps and you'll see how simple it is, and within next 20-30 minutes the first Instagram users will go to your account.
ADD promo
Click "New Promo" button
Choose the type of promotion:
There are 4 strategies of promotion:

Type username of the account you want to take followers from.
It can be any popular account of celebrity, competitor, blogger, etc., where you think will be your target audience.
To choose the promotion by "Followers" you need to start typing username in the search box from where the service will take followers to interact with.
Choose the desired account and click "Add Promo".
Bigbangram system will like, comment and follow the accounts that followed @.....
If you want to disable any action on any promo, just click on the "on" button next to each action.
To switch on again some actions in the promo, click on the "off" button.

This feature allows you to promote your Instagram account interacting with users who publish their photos in the specific locations.
Here you can choose geo points right from the list below the map. All you need is to type the name of desired place or location and click on the "Search" button and the system will automatically select geo points with the maximum number of posts.

#hashtag owner / lover
There are 2 types of promo. We do (likes, follows, comments):
to everyone who makes post with #hashtag
to everyone who likes the post with #hashtag
Important: choose more suitable hashtags for your product or service.

The most difficult, but the most accurate and effective way to find your audience.
Just upload a file with list of Instagram IDs and the service will interact with followers of these accounts.
You can use to transform usernames into IDs.
(You may use NotePad or any other simple text editor. A list with the target audience should consist of numeric identifiers, each identifier from a new line).

Click "Add Promo" button and you'll begin
to attract first followers
P.S. Create 6-10 promos, it will take no more than 3-5 minutes and will give a
better result.

Near all settings there are tips!

Вasic settings
Here you can setup the speed of promotion as well as the amount of likes/comments/follows activity.

We recommend to set
- If you just started to use our system and you have less than 600 followers then you should set Normal speed of promotion.
- If you have more than 600 followers and use Bigbnagram system for more than 2 weeks then you can set Fast speed and grow your Instagram faster.

- Select Night pause checkbox to allow the system make night pauses in order to emulate real human behaviour.

Set Min/Max likes 2-3 in order to attract more attention of users the system interacts with.
Here you can make settings to precise your target audience.

Note! The more filters you set the slower promotion will perform while skipping inappropriate accounts, but reaching exactly your target audience.

We recommend to set the following:
- Max followers - 5000
- Media age - 2 weeks/1 month
Here you can make unfollow settings

We recommend to set Min following days - 3-4

- Unfollow performs 7 hours at least
- Unfollow number should be set to 300 within a first month of using Bigbangram system, after that you can raise Unfollow number.

You can choose users which the system will not unfollow
If you choose promotion by comments

We recommend to add your own suitable comments
(at least 20 different comment templates in order to imitate real human's behaviour)

Instagram users will notice your comments in any way and get back to your profile.
Do not exceed the limits!
These limits do not mean that the system should do exactly the same number of actions you set.
The number of actions performed for each account is different, depending on various factors.
BigBangram system does as many actions as possible for each individual account.
Hour / day limits are designed to not exceed the allowed number of actions
by Instagram Official in order to prevent ban.
Please notice that manual actions (like, follow, comment) during active promotion
will lead to reduce of auto actions made by the system.
If your account has:
Less than 600 followers
It was created less than 1 month ago
Than the following limits are for you:
Per day:
  • Followings - 500
  • Unfollowings - 400
  • Likes - 500
  • Comments - 100
Per hour:
  • Followings - 20
  • Unfollowings - 20
  • Likes - 20
  • Comments - 10
+ The speed of progress - "Normal"

If your account has:
More than 600 followers
Account was created more than 1 month ago
Than the following limits are for you:
Per day:
  • Followings - 700
  • Unfollowings - 700
  • Likes - 700
  • Comments - 100
Per hour:
  • Followings - 40
  • Unfollowings - 50
  • Likes - 50
  • Comments - 10
+ The speed of progress - "Fast"

Do not forget to click Save button after you making changes at your settings.
Watch your statistics and average CTR.
If you see low conversion rate promos then remove them and add new ones once in a few days.
Good conversion rate is considered to be 5-6% and above.
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