BigBangram: Best Instagram Bot Takes Care About You And Your Safety

Best Instagram Bot Takes Care About You

Instagram has introduced new updates. Do users like them? I don't think so. Namely, these updates resulted in a new wave of problems with the key features (yes, Instagram is extremely vulnerable to all the updates, we should admit it).

As result, a great number of users from different corners of the world have started to complain about various problems. Many of them have even received notifications from IG about a necessity to stop their activity unless they do not want to get their accounts to get into trouble.

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Buy, okay, let me tell you about everything in order.

New portion of updates

The Instagram app was updated. It should have been positive news but unfortunately, this event coincided with numerous reports received from users who were observing some strange things happening to their accounts and their possibilities to interact with other users.

For example, some people have noticed that:

  • they couldn't use hashtags in a proper way, some hashtags just didn't work at all;
  • they couldn't follow some accounts as there was no the Follow button;
  • they couldn't see the number of posts and followers of some accounts;
  • they couldn't log out;
  • they couldn't change passwords as the app required them to change a password once again;
  • they couldn't post stories (especially, this problem was a popular one among the accounts with more than 25,000 followers);
  • they could scroll their feeds, posts just were not shown.

Strange notifications

Nevertheless, the most unpleasant thing is that many Instagrammers have received warnings from the app. Instagram notified its users that due to high activity noticed on their pages, their accounts could get into trouble. And as you may understand, it could be rather painful for users.

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The notifications themselves were a little bit different but they all have a similar idea. Instagram want to discourage people from using the services of external bots, as according to IG, such activities as mass following and mass liking may disturb other users.

In general, this temporary blockage of accounts with high activity is a part of IG strategy aimed at preventing spam on the platform. Nevertheless, it's clear that Instagram may have an erroneous interpretation of the relationship between active promotion and spamming.

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But the situation is so that even the users of the most widely-known bots received notifications about the suspicious actions of their accs and a possibility to get their accounts under cloud unless nothing changes in their activity.

If you think that only BB users have faced some difficulties, it's not so. Users of Instazood, SocialCaptain, Instavast, Gramista, Instato, Bot4Gram, Gramboard, Instagram Bot Follower, Instamber, KENJI are also affected.

Unfortunately, not all Instagram bots are able to stay strong under such pressing circumstances. Some of the services, as SocialSteeze and Social Drift, for example, are obliged to shut down, as well as Instagress (such a move became a reason for numerous users to search for a good Instagress alternative).

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Not so long ago, Social Upgrade was closed and its clients needed to look for another service to continue their promotion. In our blog, you can find more details about that situation. If you are interested, please, follow the link: Why is Social Upgrade closed? Any alternatives?

Of course, things happen. If you read Instazood reviews, you will see that even the users with the most popular and famous bots are at risk.

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Keep calm: your best Instagram bot will overcome these difficulties

At BigBangram, we keep all accounts safe and successfully avoid all the troubles. We highly appreciate your patience and understanding and are proud to be the best Instagram like bot for you. We want to ensure the highest level of security for you and always treat your safety as one of the main priorities. The main issue that bothers us right now is that BigBangram can safely perform just 600-700 actions a day.But right now, I would like to recommend you to pay attention to the services provided by our partners and good friends. Ingramer is an extremely reliable top-notch Instagram bot with expanded functionality. Despite not the best times for the entire IG community, Ingramer is staying afloat and is successfully continuing to provide its high-quality services to its existing and new clients.

Views, likes, followers connect people

Apart from safety, the main advantage is the highest performance of Ingramer.

It can perform more than 1000 actions a day and you can see its activity at the Live section!

Nevertheless, we are sure that our BB best bot for Instagram will deal with the number of actions very soon and we will continue providing you with our assistance in boosting your popularity.

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