Instagram Messenger on PC + bonus tip

Instagram Messenger on PC

Working methods of using Instagram messenger from a computer? Not a fairy tale! Now you can set up your communication and work not only from your phone but also from your computer.

Instagram Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with all your friends, colleagues, relatives, and customers. However, it is not always convenient to correspond with this vast circle of people from the phone, sometimes you want to use a computer for doing these things.

 stay in touch with all your friends

Instagram developers only feed us promises about the release of the official version of Instagram messenger for PC. How long have we been eating these noodles? A couple of years! But guys, we're not Italian.

Therefore, we decided to find a way out of this situation and have prepared for you some cool action plans. If you do not fit Plan A – you can always choose Plan B or Plan C.

Plan A: Instagram Messenger For PC

For all users of Windows 10, the use of Instagram messenger is possible due to the presence of a special application for this type of operating system. The app is available for download in the official Windows store.

how to become an influencer on instagram

The scheme of action is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the official website of Windows store;
  2. In the search bar type “Instagram Windows app”;
  3. Once the system finds this app for you click “download”;
  4. After downloading the application log in to your account by clicking “sign up”;
  5. After approval of the system, you will be taken to the usual page of the news feed.

Well, now everything is even easier because this application design is no different from its counterpart for mobile phones.

In the upper right corner of the screen is still located the “airplane” icon, clicking on which the user gets to the page of direct messages.

What is next? You know these actions better than me! Let's face it, all these actions you perform every day on your mobile device. So we will not focus on this particular attention! Move on!

Plan B: Instagram Messenger For MAC

For fans of all Apple devices, we have bad news. After all, so far nothing like for Windows 10 was invented. However, there is a way out. For example, you can use Instagram direct emulators. They are also suitable for active use on other devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Their use is completely free. All you need is to download the program to your computer and use the new Instagram messenger on the desktop in full.

Instagram Messenger For MAC

The logical question is, what emulators exist today, which one in functionality would not be inferior to the traditional direct on Instagram? There are two the most popular emulators: Bluestacks and Flume. In essence, they are almost identical. However, there are some differences. For example, Flume can only be used for Mac.

Therefore, for the review, we choose Bluestacks, cause it is the most versatile among all the emulators.

In fact, Bluestack – an alternative version of Instagram, which works on the computer. It retains all the functions of traditional Instagram, which we use for the phone. For us, the fans of chatting on Instagram all the functions of direct are also preserved, as well as the function of creating Instagram chat on PC.

The way it works is simple, as the emulator has a user-friendly interface, to understand that even my granny.

  1. Download and install the emulator;
  2. Register using your Google account and create a profile;
  3. Add the Instagram app to the emulator from Apple Store or Play Store, depending on which operating system you are using.

understand that even my granny

That's all. The actions are identical to your usual ones, which you perform working with the traditional Instagram app on your phone.

Plan C: Instagram Messenger Of New Generation

However, Plan A has some flaws. For example, when you work on an Instagram account from a computer, you can not simultaneously correspond in the Direct chat. Unfortunately, such versatility in the application from Windows 10 is not yet available.

Plan B also has a minus. For example, the fact that the interface which is quite different from the usual Instagram version can cause some inconvenience. Since you will have a completely different design of one application on your phone and on your computer.

But don't worry, for your convenience, we have another plan – Plan C.
The most convenient and versatile way of using Instagram messenger on the computer is using Bigbangram. We have already talked a lot about its benefits, how to use it, and the real profit from its work. However, today, we decided to tell you what used to be hidden behind seven seals.

Are you ready? Let's lift the veil of secrecy!

Bigbangram Instagram messenger PC is a service through which you can not only use Instagram Direct in full on your computer, but also promote your account if you want to become one of the Instagram celebrities, or for example, increase the sales of your business. But everything in order.

Instagram messenger PC

First of all, you can use Instagram Direct with the same convenience as from your phone, even more. The service has a user-friendly interface and wide functionality:

  • Correspond with friends in direct Instagram messages online;
  • Create Instagram chat for chatting with users at once;
  • Add photos and videos files to your messages;
  • Bright your messages with cool and colorful stickers;
  • Reply to messages with the function of instant reply;
  • Create mailouts to all followers(inform them about news), new followers(greet them), custom list of users(offer the products and services);
  • Use free messages templates or create new ones;
  • Save your Instagram messages templates on PC or delete them if necessary.

Do you want to use all the features of Instagram from PC?

Sign up and be one step ahead!

It's all available on your computer right now. There is no need to use your phone with a small screen for managing all the things. Move all your business to the big screen and keep track of everything that happens in your direct in one place.

service website and register

The service doesn't need to download, install or do similar machinations, which already has a huge advantage over the previous Plan A and Plan B. All you need to get started is:

  1. Go to the service website and register;
  2. After registration add your Instagram account;
  3. Choose one of the modules presented to work with Direct;
  4. Use Direct Instagram to the fullest.

Now the choice is up to you, whether to follow the alphabet and take turns trying each of the presented plans, or choose one of the most suitable for you now.

Instagram messenger:
Bonus Tip!

Do you think I forgot the bonus I've promised?

I've already written about the fact that Bigbangram is not only a service where you can make full use of Instagram Direct. Among other things, there are tools such as:

Instagram messenger
  • scheduled posting – convenient post scheduler, as well as the function of publishing posts at any time;
  • comment-tracking – keep track of all comments and respond to them in one click;
  • hashtag generator – choose the necessary hashtags for effective account promotion;
  • direct messenger – send messages using a convenient messenger that has the function of mailouts;
  • promotional agency – order a promotional campaign and entrust your Instagram promotion to real professionals.

As you see, this is a whole system of your successful work on Instagram. You can use it from now and till the real result, which comes to you in the near future, I promise!

All these tools are already available for you!

Choose a module and be the coolest on Instagram!

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