How to use Instagram DM on MAC?

Disappointedly, the developers of the most popular photographic social network Instagram still doesn’t provide us the opportunities for using Instagram from personal computers. In this article, I want to show you how to run a full-featured Instagram DM on Mac OS X.

A little bit spoiler: After a series of investigations on this topic, I concluded that you can run Instagram on Mac using the extension ARChon Runtime for Google Chrome browser. But, nothing similar for Safari there, so I have to settle for what we have.


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For those who need only the ability to chat on MAC, and doesn’t require additional apps, can communicate on Instagram with the help of Safari browser. You need to enable the “Development” menu. To do this, open the Safari settings and go to the advanced tab. There is a note at the bottom of the flag. Now in the menu bar of the browser will appear a new section of the development. Open the main page of Instagram, in the menu bar select “Development — User-agent — Safari iOS 10 iPad”.

We get to the mobile version of the site and see the buttons we need, which the authors “clamped” for the full computer version. Click on the usual icon and can use Direct on your computer. That’s how you can simplify the work with Instagram DM on MAC and delight friends and followers with fast responses!

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From your computer, the standard browser version of Instagram doesn’t allow you to use Direct – there is simply no possibility to get into messages. To work with Direct not only from your phone but also from your computer, you need to use one of the following methods:

  • Download from the official store Instagram app for PC and use all the features you are interested in.
  • Work through Android emulators. The most popular tool in this category is BlueStacks.
  • Use third-party services that are designed to work with Direct (most of them are paid). Install a browser plugin that allows you to use Direct for free and without hindrance.

How to run Instagram DM on Mac?

  • Step #1

Download the Google Chrome browser and install it. For our purpose, the Chrome Canary version is ideal (the 64-bit version of Google Chrome is also suitable). Do not be embarrassed that the version is intended for developers and testers. Even though the developers warn about possible failures of the browser, the latest version of Chrome Canary is quite stable.

  • Step #2

Download a modified version of Google Runtime — ARChon Runtime that allows you to run APKS. Attention! The bitness of the plugin must match the bitness of the system! Download version 1.2, it is more stable.

  • Step #3

Open Google Chrome and go to Window → Extensions tab.

  • Step #4

Check the box next to “Developer Mode”.

  • Step #5

Move the “ARChon Custom Runtime” folder to the extensions window and the emulator will be installed.

  • Step #6

Download the Instagram app optimized for running in the emulator.

  • Step #7

Drag the downloaded app to the Google Chrome Canary extensions window to install it.

  • Step #8

Click the “Run” button to start the Instagram program.

  • Step #9

Log in with your Instagram login.

  • Step #10


An Instagram app icon will appear in Launchpad. From now on, the program can be run separately from Google Chrome Canary.

Another working method is to use the well-known Bluestacks emulator. Owners of powerful PC this virtual “device” are likely to enjoy. How to install Bluestacks and where to download?

  1. Go to the official website of the developers.
  2. Download the installation file.
  3. Click “Download Bluestacks”.
  4. In the window that appears, select “Save file”.
  5. Go to the Downloads folder.
  6. Click 2 times on the installation file.
  7. Agree to start the installation process.
  8. After successful installation, restart your computer.
  9. Find the “icon” of the app on the desktop and launch Bluestacks.
  10. With this application, you can start and log into Instagram from your computer.

No less convenient, and even more effective way to run Instagram Direct is the use of online services. Thanks to them, you will not only be able to use the full package of the functionality of Direct, which has a mobile version, but also a great helper for the promotion of your Instagram without much cost and in the shortest possible time! All you need is just to choose a reliable service because the market for services on this topic is now crowded, there is plenty to choose from, but not every service provides a 100% guarantee the safety of personal data of the user. Besides, not every service works taking into account all the limits and restrictions of Instagram.

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Final word

Those users who have an iOS operating system on Mac or MacBook computers cannot use Direct. However, smart programmers have found a secret solution to this problem. All that remains for you is to choose the most appropriate method of use, which depends on your goals!

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