Why Brands & Instagram Were Made for Each Other

Brands & Instagram

Instagram is not an ordinary social network: it gives the users to visually observe the lifestyles of famous personalities. We can read a lot about musicians, cinema artists, top models in numerous magazines, however, the most relevant source of information is the Instagram account.

The most famous and luxurious brands have chosen the Instagram platform for promoting their goods all over the world. Obviously, if a famous person having millions of followers will post a photo of a dress, handbag or jewelry of a famous brand, this will certainly increase the engagement and sales.

According to recent researches of social marketing agencies, the posts of celebrities are capable of increasing the engagement by 30 percent. For some kind of people seeing a luxurious item on some of their favorite celebrities will be a sufficient motivation for buying the same item.

Here in this article, we will give a couple of advice for promoting your brand on the Instagram.


Although a photo of your product in the account of a celebrity will certainly boost the interest to your brand, it will be just a one-time splash of attention, if you will lack consistency in your actions. Research several accounts for promoting. It will be great if the accounts of celebrities will have some common followers.

Justin Timberlake Instagram profile

Bear in mind that Instagram is a platform designed specifically for the visual perception. The photographs of production should match the style of an influencer's account. It seems that a presentable expensive watch will discord the account of a popular biker blogger.

Gucci instagram account


The Instagram posts of luxury brands should be moderated: remember that they are part of your brand image. Do not overuse hashtags – it the posts look cheap and is capable to ruin your reputation of a luxurious brand.

Cars and luxury life


Once the reputation of a reputable brand is established, let your account to promote itself.
Even if only a few of your Instagram followers are your buyers, let the other window-shop your pictures. This will increase the engagement, and your post will be displayed at the top of hashtag search.

Gucci and pink purse

The influence of celebrities

While the most brands are busy filling their followers' newsfeed with promotions and advertising photos, the users enjoy the aesthetics of luxury brands accounts. Meanwhile, the photos of your product in the profiles of celebrities will grow the audience of your followers. Before purchasing the product, the buyers want to see it used by celebrities – it demonstrates the coolness and exquisiteness of the item.

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