Case Story On How To Get Sponsored: 14+ branded posts of Adam Gallagher

How To Get Sponsored

Being an Instagram influencer is sweet... But gaining real money for sharing the experience is a life goal for every blogger. Regardless of you are a micro-influencer or a celebrity, brands are willing to pay you for genuine ads. In the beginning, you may get over $300, but successful influencers earn up to $20 000 per post. Exciting perspective, isn't it?

No worries if you have 0 followers for now. We know how to make your account a piece of cake for companies.

How to get sponsored on Instagram? Can an online service make you Instagram famous? What did Adam Gallagher do to get sponsored by Gillette, Armani, and Schwarzkopf?

Read up to the end to get the answers!

How to get sponsored using Hot Clients?

A lot of bloggers pay a fortune for an SMM manager, ads, and marketing specialist. Yes, this investment repays with engagement sooner or later. But we offer you the hottest tool starting at just $1 you can manage by your own.

Hot Clients will make you tempting for brands in a short time due to:

  • Uprising engagement. Yes, that is what you need to get sponsorship on IG. You will get an impressive number of real followers because you will auto-like the recent post as soon as published. Swift interactions and auto-mailing in combine will bring you on the top in the area!
  • Segmented audience. Adjusting and pursuing the target audience is time-consuming. Hot clients connect you only with people who will likely be interested in your content. Pick keywords, post type, and customize the experience. No boundaries on the location and niche – just create a spicy offer!
  • Brilliant reputation. You will boost your account with only real and engaging followers. That is how your image of a trusted influencer is made among the brands.

How Hot Clients make things happen?

  • Hashtags. Adjust the tags that your audience use, and the system will advise you related options. Explore desired posts on the Feed!
  • Location. Set up the area you focus on or use the geo of your competitors to gain their clients as well.
  • Templates. Comment and DM on Instagram in a time-saving way. Hot leads will cost you several seconds instead of hours.
  • Niche Feed. On the Feed section, you explore relevant posts according to your criteria. That will result in targeted leads and up-to-date news on the brand you want to cooperate with.

All the mentioned Hot Clients' upper hands will skyrocket your promotion and result in lucrative sponsorship! Meanwhile, we adore our hot client's Adam Gallagher story on getting sponsored by Armani, Longines, and other brands. Explore who is this influencer, and what did he do!

Introduction: who is Adam, and
why he needed sponsors?

how to become an influencer on instagram

Let me introduce our friend Adam to you. He is a 28 y.o blogger from New York, USA. Being extremely hot and catchy, he is an influencer in men's fashion and lifestyle. On his account, you will find stylish pictures from over the globe, including branded content. The aesthetic profile is a true inspiration and a mood board for over 1,5 mln people. But Hot clients increased this metric up to 2 mln.

How much do sponsors pay him? As for now, his audience counts about 2 million, so sponsors pay a lot for collaboration. Analyzing the latest posts, the engagement measure on each post is 3.47 %. Therefore, he earns between $4,256.5 to $6,976.3 per sponsored content.

What brands does he cooperate with now? Timex, Armani, Longines, Schwarzkopf.

What he aimed when starting Hot clients?

  • Gain more engagement and loyalty;
  • Boost the sponsored content to 10-15 posts per month;
  • Boost the number of followers to 2 mln;
  • Promote in targeted locations and tags.

How many new sponsored posts Hot clients brought him? When adjusting the Hot Clients tool, Adam got requests for 14+ branded posts! This strategy resulted in +498 000 new followers.

How to get fame and sponsorship? Learn his blueprint below.

Reveal Adam's
secret strategy step by step

Step #1 Determine your brand

Yes, a successful blogger should set up a personal brand; likewise, a company. Let's see Adam's example. He focused on fashion, styling, luxury lifestyle, and modeling. So that his blog @iamgala is a brand that is seen in:

  • individual posts aesthetics;
  • personal website;
  • unique captures.

Hot client's Tool: he used Keywords and Hashtags to explore trends and needs of the audience he will concentrate on. Adam determined what type of content was the most engaging and used trends on his IG and website.

As the followers saw the distinguishable content, the trust has grown, and Adam became a reliable expert.


Step #2 Segment the audience

secret strategy filters

When defining the area of your influence, pass to the audience segmentation. As soon as Adam settled his path, he created a portrait of the followers he needed. What metrics did he consider?

  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Their tastes;
  • Their engagement on IG.

What did Adam do?

Hot Client's Tools: Adam used the integrated filters! He preferred to explore accs with a high engagement rate so that they were active on his page. So, Adam sorted profiles with more than 5K followers in his niche and viewed their actions on the Feed section. Brilliant!

Step #3 Post consistently

The recent researched proved that you should upload content on IG at least once a day up to 3 times daily. To win the loyalty of the followers, Adam developed a consistent posting plan. He indicated that:

  • The best time to post was 8-9 AM, and 1-3 AM.
  • He should post one time every day.

How did he organize posting?

BigBangram Post planner tool: Adam created a posting strategy for a month in advance. He made photoshoots in luxury locations on every trip. The right time to post and captures were set up beforehand and corrected if needed.

Step #4 Apply hashtags and geotags

secret strategy hashtag

No doubt, tags help people and companies to discover your profile and keep in touch. The issue is to generate the most relevant set of hashtags in your area. Adam used the in-built hashtag search bar and locations. These tools helped:

  • to explore the up-to-date niche tags;
  • to view other bloggers' new content on these tags;
  • to discover trends on the target locations in the fashion industry;
  • to gain followers' and companies' attention in a specified location.

Soon fashion brands in New York and Italy assumed he is a trusted influencer and offered sponsorship.

Hot Client's Tools: Hashtags discovery is getting automated and clear-cut since the system offers you the closest tags as you start typing. You see the count of the posts on each tag. Adam picked several locations from the list according to his strategy.

Step#5 Connect with companies.

Hot Client's Tools

Here we go! As long as Adam detected targeted audience tastes and created authentic and beautiful content, he started to reach brands. He tagged them in his brilliant posts and got the desired cooperation in a short time. Here are some tips from Adam:

  • make a list of popular brands in your field;
  • don't focus on big companies when beginning;
  • create a catchy content fitting the brand's philosophy;
  • respond to comments from who are interested in a product.

These tips will put you on the brands' radar, and they will contact you. Otherwise, you can use Templates to private message them or leave comments to get noticed.

Hot Client's tools: Message Templates allowed Adam to interact with brands and audiences in several seconds. He created a specific message for each group (clothing brands, photographers, luxury manufacturers) and discussed the conditions for sponsorship.

These clear-cut five steps and Hot Client's builts-in lead to exciting results. Enjoy the catchy sponsored posts by Adam on the screenshot:

Message Templates


Adam Gallagher's account is an inspiring case story that teaches Instagrammers how to get sponsored. When you become an influencer, you devote all your spare time to the niche you are an expert in. The whole process takes time; it's not easy yet rewarding. Hot clients is a tool that helped Adam to:

  • increase the number of active niche followers to 2 mln;
  • monitor trends worldwide and be on the cusp;
  • attract sponsors on influencer's account;
  • gain about $7000 per sponsored post!

Don't hesitate to make leaving on your dream job – differentiate and market yourself on Instagram!

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