Auto Unfollow: Added Functionality Are you ready to use Auto Unfollow like a pro? I introduce to you updated functionality, that will ease your life.

Auto Unfollow like a pro

Auto Unfollow is a strong tool, that saves days of user's life for unfollowing unnecessary IG accs. Take a look at new filters below, and select a favorite to ease your life. Let me warn you: if you make the set up very strict, it can significantly raise your conversion rate. But it will influence the promotion speed. So apply the filters smartly.

Why do you need unfollowing?

  1. Spam. If your acc has thousands of followers, you won't have credibility for IG visitors. It involves the image of cheater for your commercial or personal acc. So to save your reputation and your own peace, keep your acc clean and the number of followers appropriate.
  2. IG Limits. Instagram has a strong restriction for follows. If the number of follows reaches 7500, the service will block your follow function. So if you miss a key point, your promotion will be stopped.
  3. Time Saver. Auto Unfollow helps to save days of time. Imagine, if you were to make 7500 unfollows with your bare hands? Nonsense! So Auto Unfollow is a must for efficient IG promotion.

click unfollow in instagram bot

Besides a common unfollow function, BigBangram expands opportunities. So here's for your consideration smart filters for smart unfollowing on IG. To apply the Auto Unfollow filters:

  1. Go to and sign up/login;
bigbangram site front page

2. Go to Settings ri-i-i-ight here;

bigbangram site dashboard

3. And click to the Unfollow tab. Here we go! Let us get all this straightened out.

choose unfollow function on the site

Auto Unfollow on a definite time.

start auto unfollowing immediately

Auto Unfollow on reaching the definite number of followers

The filter allows an auto start of unfollowing process when your acc reaches a certain followers number. You can set up an average followers number you want to have. Plus you don't need to bother about controlling IG limit of 7500. The system will unfollow all unnecessary accs automatically.

filter allows an auto start of unfollowing

“Track the number of follows and unfollows. IG has a strong restriction. You can't follow at the time of unfollowing. So for optimizing your promo strategy keep a rational number for follow and unfollow actions per day. It may be for example 400 follows and 300 unfollows. Don't forget about an Instagram daily limit of 700 un/follow actions.

— Natasha, Customer Support

how to become an influencer on instagram

Postponed Auto Unfollow

The filter allows unfollowing accs after a defined number of days. This option helps not to unfollow accs too soon, so the users will have time to see the notifications about a new follower. Note, that the filter is applied only to the follows, that have been made via BigBangram system.

unfollowing after a defined number of days

Preservation of a personal list of accs

If you apply the filter, the algorithm unfollows all the users except the defined list of follows. Take notice, that the system won't unfollow the accs, that have been followed by another IGbot.

algorithm unfollows all the users except

Unfollows number

This filter provides setting the unfollows number per day, that you want to do. Nice feature, huh? Be careful and do not exceed the Instagram limit.

setting the unfollows number per day
you unfollowed me

Extra settings

You can influence the unfollowing process speed. You can choose if you need to like, comment or view stories in the process of unfollowing. If you just turn these functions off, your unfollowing will be raised to the maximum. But keep in mind, that your promotions will be stopped. These settings are useful if you need to do a great number of unfollows in a short period of time, and you can sacrifice the promo process.

look how to view who unfollow you

If you have troubles while setting up Auto Unfollow tool or if you have questions for optimization this process, give us notice! You can write to live-chat or directly to We are always happy to give free hugs and consultations to every BigBangram client.

Have a successful promotion!
Love and xxxx,

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