All About Widgets: Guide on Bigbangram Widget Pack

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A widget for the Web is a small informational or functional section located on the Web's narrow column. It can be a button, a banner, a search bar, a text block, popup sales, etc.

For instance, a weather widget will be welcomed on the travel agency website. There is no need to explore additional information about weather forecasting. So, the user is content, and your site stands out from a crowd of sites in a similar format. It's ideal for implementing an informer of current exchange rates on the site for financial guys or a cart on the online store.

Widget Categorization

There are two kinds of widgets:

  • interactive widgets for the web – those widgets with which you can interact;
  • non-interactive widgets for the web are widget working autonomously, regardless of the desire of the consumer.

A more accurate name for the second variety is the informer. A classic example is the display of weather forecasts or the display of changes in exchange rates.

An example of interactive widgets is social network widgets and message widgets. Widgets for social networks are the usual buttons with logos of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are embedded in the site so that visitors have the opportunity to share their favorite material. Such programs play the role of social proof – since users share material, it means it is useful.

Message widgets

Message widgets help to create the most convenient service on the company's website. This is a modification of outdated online consultants: any person can communicate with your company employees through a widget, consult on important issues, update data, make customer reviews, etc.

You can continue the communication in personal correspondence on the website of the online community.

Thanks to this application, there is no need for multi-stage registration and other moments that scare away “lazy” customers.

Desktop widgets

Desktop widgets always run on any operating platform. Their implementation requires a special program – a widget engine. They are imprisoned for one specific task. Such widgets control and count the time spent on work, help place memo notes on virtual boards located on the screen, etc.

Using these small applications makes life easier and improves the quality of service on sites. A correctly selected and installed widget will help you stay in touch, find new customers.

Bigbangram Widget Pack

The introduction lesson on the web widget is finished. Now I would tell you about a Bigbangram widget pack that helps to make your site perfect, attracts new customers, and boost your sales.

A full-fledged list of Bigbangram widgets

We've prepared the full list of useful web applications that you are able to implement on the site. In the beginning, I would provide you with a guide on how to start working with widgets.

First of all, you need to define which widget would be useful for your clients.

The next step will be to customize the chosen widgets. With the help of our guide on how to use the editor to enter the text and emojis, this process takes seconds.

The website widgets launch is good, but we strongly recommend analyzing the work of new applications. Don't forget to check out the metrics and understand what works and what doesn't work.

So, we can move on!

The next block of my gigantic article is a small piece of information about each type of Bigbangram widget.

Informational Widget

Provide your customers with a real-time data display. Informing about discounts or announcements of new collections is an extremely important element in building a communication strategy with potential and current customers. Such popup announcements light casual visitors' interest and streamline the search for actual content.


It's an ideal manner of interaction with both big categories on your sites – guest visitors and VIP customers. Time-sensitive coupons provide the impulse to purchase without a second thought. Moreover, you get additional information about a customer (age, location, gender), and access to his e-mail address. Notice that such data doesn't provide a better understanding of how to interact with your customers, but these parameters directly affect the targeting.

Live Counter

Using this useful widget, you can monitor your website traffic. As you understand, these metrics play a very important role in your promotion strategy. Web tracker is a can't-miss tool for every entrepreneur having or launching a site.


First of all, the more detailed you know who your customers are, the easier you understand how to engage with them in the future. Moreover, the registration button is a useful function for shoppers in order to get access to newsletters with special offers, holiday, seasonal sales, the announcement of a new collection, promo codes, etc.

Latest Conversion

All fresh customers are displayed in real-time. It's a useful website integration for entrepreneurs and guest visitors. Why should a businessman use this widget? It allows him to analyze his social impact and manage his subscribers' base. On the other hand, it stimulates the casual visitors' desire to get into the community with access to secret sales.

Conversions Counter

A Conversions Counter is created for a full understanding of what kind of product is more popular for the future analysis and visual representation of the product's value. If your goal is to determine the attitudes to your product, you can use a Conversions Counter.


According to the stats, visual content gets 38% more engagement than image. So, a short video that demonstrates all the benefits of your product complements a customer product page and yields amazing results.

Social Share

Social Media buttons stimulate the willingness to share. What are the benefits of using Social Media Buttons? We've found benefits both for authors and guests. As you know, social media networks have gained popularity over the world. The users are happy to share all kinds of information with their friends. If you are the owner of the website, you can simplify this task with social share buttons. People are lazy and swamp. The author's benefit is pretty obvious. This is an effective ad for free. So, it is a powerful tool to increase your company awareness.

Random Review

A comment is a good way to engage with your followers. Someone says that a commenting section is a useless or even harmful function on the site. If you don't want to hear your customers and correct your mistakes, it's better to turn off comments. But we are sure that commenting is fuel for your business promotion.

There are such reasons:

  • This is an easy and simple manner of hearing your customers.
  • This is an extra contact point. For instance, users usually raise clarifying questions on how to place the order.
  • Thanks for the views of customers; you can prove that you an expert and find new ways for your development.

Also, the Random Review widget allows potential clients to know your product better. One second and “to buy or not to buy” decision is settled. It's perfect!

Emoji Feedback

It's a super-cool alternative to comment. As we've mentioned above, guest visitors and registered users are lazy and extremely busy. Emojis rate is a mundane way to engage with your audience and understand which products are the most popular. Moreover, Emoji Feedback adds the element of fun on your site and helps to create product ratings.

Cookie Notification

This widget informs that the site uses cookies to ensure the visitors get the best experience with the site.

Score Feedback

Adding the rating widget can make your website more functional and customer-friendly. Moreover, you get data for analyzing all your products.

Request Collector

It is a great option if you want to add a Request Collector widget to your website. If you are a solopreneur, hiring call center workers will be pretty expensive. Provide emergency customer support through Request Collector.

Countdown Collector

An easy-to-use Timer Widget for the Web is an ultimate sales boost and an ideal creator of the feeling of urgency and a fear of missing out Black Friday Sale, for instance. Thus, it stimulates customers to buy a product right now. A Countdown Collector demonstrates hours, minutes, and seconds left to the end of a special offer. You don't give your potential customers a chance to think – buy or not to buy the product. A simple and easy countdown collector shouts – “Buy right now!” It's a perfect tool for encouraging users to go shopping.

Before Saying Goodbye

Those entrepreneurs who care about the effectiveness of the site and the level of its conversion, use various techniques to delay the user on the site, and encourage the target action. As you understand, one of the most effective ways to push the user to leave their contact information and engagement with him is web widgets. In this article, we have talked about Bigbangram widgets pack, which essence is to attract more attention, drive the traffic, and push guest visitors into a faster decision.

Let's highlight the main features of widgets:

  • They draw the attention of customers. This is one of the powerful functions of the widget. The main purpose of any website is to sell books/music/records/photos. Therefore forms by which a website owner can collect data and make targeted action are particularly valuable.
  • They create customers' databases. Using a form, guest visitors can sign up mail outs or leave contact information.
  • They add the element of fun. Designers create visual content with the help of web widgets. There are all kinds of diagrams, graphics, stats, etc. Such an element is a very visual way of presenting information and simplification of content perception.
  • They adapt to customers' needs. Using a web widget, you can make the site more flexible and engage with your customers to a high level.

achieve different marketing goals

I hope you understand that a web widget is a super-cool way to engage with each customer, achieve different marketing goals, and make every user happy with your product or service.

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