Style and Authenticity: 4 Useful Tips on How to Create Popular Designer Account on Instagram

How to Create Popular Designer Account

Aesthetically pleasurable photos in Instagram collect millions of likes. This fact promises unlimited possibilities for the designers, who want to promote and express themselves in a trendy, twencent way. So, BigBangram is here to explain to you, why every modern designer has to create a personal account on Instagram immediately.

If you're slightly familiar with Instagram format, you probably know 4 main rules of the successful designer's blog. You don't? Well, just as we thought. Bigbangram is ready to share priceless pieces of advice on how to create a successful self-promoting Instagram account from scratch. Ready to apperceive the wisdom? Don't forget to note!

1. Stand out

Instagram is a highly popular platform: since the launch, users uploaded more than 35 billion photos in there. When sharing some pictures, remember, that your visitors have to divide your post from almost 52 millions of the others. A quite challenging task, right?

Define Your Style Kendrick Lamar

Luckily, there is a simple way to personalize your account: be yourself! “Instagram is a storytelling platform, so make sure you tell yours,” says a well-known rule, by following which you'll get thousands of subscribers and likes. Here are some basic tips to create an authentic Instagram account from scratch:

● choose the color – your profile has to be pleasant to see, so edit all the photos in one particular color range
● be consistent – follow one single idea in each of your posts, don't lose the message you were getting out before
● found your own style – whether it's a photo edit or a character of texts for posts
● choose only the best photos – they have to state about you as a designer and be easily recognizable

All in all, the reason to create a personal Instagram profile is to make yourself a name among as many users as possible. The competition is intense, yet, the results are worth the cost – the statistic shows that a well ran Inst account will get you at least 60% of your future clientele. Still, the first steps to the fame may turn out impossible without some help – that's why Instagram promotion is so needed to hit at least the first thousand of subscribers.

2. Be professional

Combining personal life and job is one of the most frequent mistakes of the new Instagram users. People, who want to get acquainted with the designs of your authorship, probably don't want to see photos from the vacations – no matter how much you want to share those.

Remember, that your main goal is to show your mastership, style and the way you understand beauty.

Regard your account as an interactive portfolio, not a personal blog. Still,the information you publish has to contain a piece of your individuality -consider sharing your thoughts about the latest trends in your job, ask your subscribers' opinions about some hot topics, talk about your inspiration and plans. Don't misuse those precious tools – remember, that the biggest part of the published posts has to show your designer's skills. For the beginning, take this diagram as a thought-starter (but not as a strict example!).

Instagram has to perform at least three tasks:
● introduce your designer's talent
● teach something new about the design sphere

And, the last but not the least...
● inspire

So, choose precisely what to publish and don't forget to make small breaks from the amazing interiors you've created!

Diagram of your popularity
how to become an influencer on instagram

3. Edit stylishly

To make a good post, you'll need 1 amazing shot of the highest quality, 1 inspirational quote, a bunch of appropriate hashtags, and, of course, a pinch of editing. Don't disregard any of these components – when wisely mixed up, they can provide you with thousands of likes and followers.

Edit stylishly

First things first – a photo. As we've mentioned before, it has to correspond to the “motive” of your profile. Obviously, it should be in a very high resolution – blurred or pixelated, it would scare off beauty admirers no matter how fabulous depicted design solution would be.

Second most important thing is a text. A rule is – the shorter the better. Emphasis should stay on the picture, while text should continue the thought expressed on the photo. Use your own words or “copy-paste” an inspirational quote – both will work great when well chosen.

Hashtags will help users to find your photos – as practice shows, 8-11 relevant tags can bring you up to 50 new followers (we're talking about the accounts with under 1 thousand subscribers). Visit pages of the other successful designers and steal borrow some trendy hashtags from their posts. Ride the wave of trends!

And, finally, editing. We've talked about the importance of the single color range in your profile. You have to make it pleasant to look, aesthetic and harmonious – publish only the “appropriate” photos or make shots look similar by using one preferable filter. Again, this is an empty canvas for your creativity – it's OK to get some tips from more experienced users or devise something absolutely new.

Only practice will teach you all of the needed skills to rule a successive Instagram account. However, there is a simple & non-risky way to make your photos popular in no time, which is a BigBangram Instagram followers bot. It can easily set the stone of fame rolling, but the outcome depends only on you and your creativity.

4. Collaborate and communicate

Communication with your audience is truly an unforgettable experience. Sincere thanks will provide you with energy to make more and more qualitative content, while the assessments from the outside will show you the potential paths for growth as a professional. Respect your audience and always get acquainted with its opinion considering your completed projects or future plans.

Collab grumpy cat

Remember that gratitude and love is a drug of every single social media creator. It's a normal practice to produce the content your followers have requested – just don't follow all of the supplications from your fans, your point of view should always have a slightly higher priority.

A way to the fame is thorny. To rise into distinction, try to collaborate with more popular designers. It can be a designing contest, joint project or simply an advertisement in his/her stories – in each case the “cooperation” will bring noticeable results for your profile in no time.

But let's face the truth: it's unreal to get the attention of experts when you have only 100 followers. That's why in the beginning an Instagram bot trial is a must-have. Get likes, followers, and comments, manage your account with convenient tools like scheduled posting or auto unfollow bot, make your talent known in days simply by using our Binbangram bot!

Still, in a long run, the greatest priority is to receive positive emotions from your projects and its sharing. Luckily, when ruling a popular Instagram account with a grateful audience, positive feedback is a constant component. Good luck with your forthcoming success!

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