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Learn how to get 2000 followers and a modeling agency contract in a month!
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How Instagram Model Gained
+2000 Followers in a Month With Hot Clients

how to become an influencer on instagram
I've prepared for you another success story which happened thanks to our Hot Clients tool.
Jenny is a newbie in modeling. Our team met her when the number of her followers equaled a couple of dozens.

She was an average girl next door, now she is a part of a big modeling agency, and the number of her followers counts 2, 147 just in a month of Bigbangram promotion.

We started from scratch, figuratively speaking, and now she is a highly employable model. How she managed to soar to such heights in a couple of weeks?

This case-story will explain.

How can a beautiful girl become a real Instagram model?

At first sight, it may seem that becoming a successful Instagram model takes a lot of energy, time, and money. But you forget at what time you are living! Today, you need just one thing - a team of professionals which will help you to do that fast!

The algorithm of a transformation into the popular model:
  1. Being attractive - done. Our client Jenny is incredibly beautiful.
  2. The large, engaged audience - to be gained.
  3. Collaborations with more popular models to increase exposure - ahead.
  4. Collaboration with photographers, portfolio filling up - also to be done.
  5. Co-working with brands, getting sponsored posts - to be gained too.
  6. Joining a cool modeling agency (optional but preferable)

What's the best solution?

Having analyzed the whole situation and Jenny's desires, our team came to the only right solution - the Hot Clients tool.

This tool enables the fast search for relevant posts by hashtags and location and some additional filters: number of followers, likes, comments, keywords, and engagement rate.

Thus, you get a Feed of posts meeting the requirements. Right there, you can like a post, send a comment and message in Direct.

The messages and comments can be saved as drafts in advance, so later, you won't have to write them every time.

Such a tool is precise, effective, and cheap - the best choice for an aspiring model.
Are you interested to learn more?
You can find more information about Hot Clients from our blog.

How was it going?

1. According to the algorithm, our first step was to mainstream the process of new followers attraction. For that, we advised to like and comment on target audience posts. What target audience models have? Photographers, other models, brands, average people.

So, Jenny pointed out the following hashtags: #vogue, #fashionstylist, #fashionphotographer, #photostudio, #modelsearch, #runwaymodel, #instafashion, #fashionmodel, #fashionphotography, #modelling, #modelswanted, #modelagency, #modelshoot, #model #fashion, #photography, #beauty, #style, #photographer, #modelingagency.

As modeling is a global business, boundaries do not matter; that's why the location search was pretty unnecessary. However, it was worth trying to point out the locations of the main modeling agencies.
how to become an influencer on instagram
Thus, the Hot Client's Feed was looking like that:
how to become an influencer on instagram
By single liking all the posts from the Feed, the number of Jenny's followers increased by 30-40 new followers per day. That was an incredible result!

The next step is commenting. Jenny has prepared an 8-10 comments drafts for her own convenience.
how to become an influencer on instagram
Thus, the daily growth of new followers base reached 60.

2. The next step was the collabs with models. That's a great way to promote each other's profiles. And it's quite enjoyable! Jenny created a couple of engaging messages for them. In total, out of 20 messages send to different models, 9 agreed on the collab.

One of her most converting messages was:

Hey! Your photos are marvelous! I love all of them, really! Currently, I'm looking for a person like you for the cool collaboration! Are you interested? I'd love to do it with you

3. To attract photographers, the same strategy was used, but the messages templates were slightly different. Out of 30 photographers, 11 responded. Thus, new photoshoots proposals were gained.
how to become an influencer on instagram
4. Thanks to mentioned above collabs with models and photographers, Jenny had no trouble contacting brands an offering herself as a model and brands ambassador. She got a couple of profitable contracts with small and medium brands for a range of sponsored posts (for a beginner, it's a great opportunity.)

5. Thus, new photoshoots and niche acquaintances came, but there were no agencies' proposals in the offing. The question was to wait for them or to contact them by herself. Of course, Jenny chose the second option. Thus, by changing the initial targeting settings, she focused only on modeling agencies' accounts.

In three weeks of daily struggles, gains, and disappointments, two of the agencies responded. Eventually, Jenny joined the one she liked more, and now she doesn't have to fight for every photoshoot.

What are the results after a month of the promo?

Let's resume what Jenny reached together with Bigbangram in four weeks. I want to remind you that we started the promo campaign of this account completely from scratch.

  • 2000+ engaged followers;
  • 9 new collabs with other models;
  • 11 new collabs with photographers = 11 new photoshoots;
  • A range of sponsored posts;
  • 2 model agency offers;
  • loads of new acquaintances.
how to become an influencer on instagram
Sure, Jenny continues to use the tool and reach heights.

Why does Bigbangram advise Hot Clients?

The hot clients is an advanced tool for a real-time search for relevant posts of your target audience. The search is by locations and hashtags. In addition, extra filters are suggested to make the search even more accurate:
how to become an influencer on instagram
The benefits of the tool are obvious:

  • It helps attract attention to the user's account, increasing the number of followers.
  • It makes the interaction with the audience easier and faster.
  • It presents you with a ready, constantly updated client base.
  • In some cases, it drives sales.

This is our pet project, and we like it so much. I'm sure that with it, you can become a successful model in a month! Do not believe me? You try!
Haven't you turned on the heat to become a model on Instagram?
Try Hot Clients now just for $1 for 3 days!
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