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When I speak about the ways to make your page one of the most followed Instagram accounts, I always point out the necessity to pay attention to the quality of the content that you post. My logic is quite simple: if you want to get followers you need to offer them something valuable.

Of course, it is clear that we can't find the only one possible answer to the question about what to post on Instagram as the content greatly depends on the type and topic of your account. Though we all understand that a manager of a business account won't post just the same things as a blogger will, there are some general ideas that can help you to make your account more interesting for your target audience. As a result, your chances to attract new users as well as to retain your existing followers will be much higher.

What to post on Instagram: 5 key ideas!

If you want your audience think: “Oh, I love this post!” each time they see your publications, my recommendation is to study the following tips and to try out these ideas.

ideas for posts

1. Share the content that your followers create for you

Yes, it can be an excellent idea to make somebody work for free while you are doing nothing. *just kidding* But seriously, it can be a very nice idea as via turning to your followers and asking them to create some content for you, you can achieve several goals simultaneously.

  • First of all, you have a chance to get really unusual, varied, and fresh content without any special efforts from your side.
  • Secondly, such initiatives can help you to boost the engagement of your audience and attract new followers, especially, if you organize some contest and prepare a gift for a winner or winners.

This trick with inviting your audience to use their imagination and demonstrate their creativity of they want to get a reward works always: it doesn't matter whether you represent a global company or a small developing brand. That's why don't miss your chance.

2. Show backstage photos

Of course, we all want to look perfect, especially in the eyes of our followers. But today is 2019, by the way. People are fed up with artificially ideal pictures, they want to see a personality with all his or her weaknesses and disadvantages.

show backstage photos

If you run a business account, from time to time show how your product is being created or maybe how you create posts. If in the eyes of your followers you are a businessman or a business lady, why not to show them how are you playing with your children? If you don't have children, show them how you are playing with your dog, eating pizza with your friends or just reading a book in the evening.

Show your audience that you are also just a human being who also has a life outside Instagram.

Yes, life offline also exist!

In case you have already forgotten how this life looks like just because you are spending all day long online trying to promote your account and get as many followers and likes as possible, let me recommend you to try out BigBangram Instagram Bot. It will allow you to enjoy your real life while it will be promoting your account.

3. Tell more about your sphere of activity

Another group of cool Instagram posts includes publications in which their authors share their professional secrets and tell more about their products or services. If you have your own clothing brand, tell your followers how this or that model was created (maybe you got the inspiration in that very moment from the sea, or the sun, or the flowers, or the song?), what fabrics you use and what looks can be created with these jeans, for example.

Tell more about your sphere of activity

If you bake cakes, tell your audience where you have learned to do it, or what was your first cake, or where you buy ingredients.

You can also announce the launch of your new products in your posts and even organize giveaways to celebrate such an event.

4. Find interesting formats

Have you ever noticed that all the posts that are included in various lists and rankings of best Instagram posts are very different? Yes, it is true. There can't be any universal rules like make a photo of a red rose or of a teddy bear, post a cute quote and wait for your popularity to come.

Find interesting formats

The best Instagram posts may be made in a format of video, or Boomerang, or carousel. If you are not sure whether some of these formats will suit you, just try and you will see.

5. Pay attention to your captions

pay attention to your captions

Though initially, Instagram was about visual content, now captions also play a crucial role. For some types of accounts (but there are not so many of them), it can be enough just to post beautiful pics. But the majority of account managers and bloggers need to add captions. And there are several reasons for it:

  • People like interesting captions. If you post some useful/funny/catchy texts, you get more chances to make people follow you.
  • You can establish a dialog with your audience via captions. You can ask them to answer some questions or invite them to share their thoughts.
  • With captions, you can make your post more complete. For example, you can add some details or share funny facts on how and when the photo used in the post was taken.

In case you need some ideas on how to remain interesting for your followers, How to Write Catchy Captions in Instagram and not Mess Up blog post is for you.

It's not the end of the tips that you may use to create cool Instagram posts, just a small part of them. Nevertheless, I hope that now you will at least know where you can get some ideas on what to post on Instagram when you feel that you have run out of imagination and inspiration.

But I am sure that you also have a lot of interesting posts variants, just don't hesitate to show them to your audience.

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