What Are the Best Tik Toks? Let’s Rock This Noplaceville!

best tik tok videos

What are the best tik toks? Be ready to blow your mind with this selection of best tik tok videos the world has ever seen!

Why have an acc on Tik Tok if not for unbridled joy? No doubt, there are loads of strange videos that you would like not see in your life, like the one I saw today – video instruction on how to squeeze pimples; but mostly all the vids are cool and witty, touching and cute and sometimes striking our imagination.

That's why I offer to take a look at 10 best Tik Toks ever and then find out what's the secret of popular tik toks. Let's go.

What Are the Best Tik Toks? Top 10

With animals

Cats, dogs, pandas and other cute animals have won Tik Tok, that's a fact. What can be funnier? Only Will Smith maybe.


With stars

Celebrities also love Tik Tok and don't mind uploading a couple of own videos. Will Smith, Ed Sheeran, Marshmello, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Cardi B, Meghan Trainor, Reese Witherspoon are already in the squad. I'm sure, soon, we'll see the whole Hollywood there. But now, Will Smith just kills it, honestly!

People are going crazy

Tik Tok is the best place for people to forget about everyday routine, hardships and panic attacks – they just do what they want. Let them do that, just watch, don't judge.

Mocking-at-yourself video

Why not? Only good people can laugh at themselves. These two – for sure!

How to shoot cool Tik Toks?

1. Use a good camera
All the Tik Tok stars use a good high-quality camera. If you do not have one, then you can rent it or borrow from friends. iPhone camera is OK for such types of video, too.

2. Focus on sound
Pay special attention to sound and music in your vid. Those who are going to edit the video should study the rules for working with sound. Even the most interesting video cannot become popular if the sound leaves much to be desired.

3. Prepare a script/scenario
You better know what you are going to show your viewers. Chaotic movements and incomprehensible talks are rubbish. All great directors have a plan:)

4. Apply filters
Tik Tok offers
a lot of various filters, masks, and visual effects for you to make your video unforgettable. Experiment, learn all your capabilities. That will help you to make your tik toks dynamic.

5. Check twice
It is recommended to watch the video in advance to make sure that there are no “mistakes” and other shortcomings in it. Only after the “final” viewing, you can post it for the public eye.

Ideas for Your Tik Toks

You know that Tik Tok has grown from Musicaly.ly, so doing some karaoke there is natural. This option is OK even for those who have a tin ear – it's not necessary to sing, it is enough to open your mouth on time and mime to a recording, have the attractive appearance (or just a catchy one) and have a good command of facial expressions and gestures.

If the videos are presented unusually, with the addition of various effects and filters, you can quickly get more likes and followers on Tik Tok.

This is another of the most popular genres on this platform. Most of all views and comments are collected by videos of people who really know how to dance. If you went to a dance school, or just move like a god/goddess, choose this direction. Do not upload amateur videos where your movements are like cramps. If a random person stumbles upon an interesting video, preferably with a plot or humor, then he will definitely follow and will wait for the release of new videos.

Joint videos are very unusual and memorable. There are two ways to shoot a duet:

In real-time, by going to the page of a user and clicking on the phrase “Start duet now”. If a friend accepts the invitation, it will be possible to select music, playback speed, color filter, and so on.

By selecting an already uploaded video in the profile of any user. Especially attracting attention are such duets with celebrities. Please note that offensive videos towards another user may cause your account to be blocked.

Such videos consistently gain a large number of views and are displayed in the TOP. Other users are more likely to see your video in the Recommended.

Short and funny videos need to be shot if you are good at acting because no one will watch a person's sad face, a boring and monotonous voice telling a hackneyed joke. Do not be afraid to fantasize; use your charisma to the full!

What's the secret of popularity on Tik Tok?

Quality videos
The most obvious point – any content you create should be of high quality, otherwise, why should people waste their time watching it?

Put down hashtags under each video of yours! For example, you have a pet, you posted a video with your pet. What hashtags to set: #pets #dog #doglover #petsoftiktok and also use the popular hashtags that are now in the top. People watch hashtags on topics that they like.

Likes, comments, follows
You can leave likes, comments and follow other accounts every day in large quantities. People will follow you in response.

Who to follow? Look through the recommendations feed, find a video with the number of views starting from 30k, go to the account profile, follow it, then open its fans and follow the first 15. What will it give to you?

When you follow a well-known blogger, people who have just signed up for a blogger also go to your profile. This can be done every day after reaching the limit. You will be notified that you follow too often. This is a sign that you need to take a break until the next day and then continue.

Or! Bigbangram offers the better alternative to you – automatic liking, following, and commenting on Tik Tok! No more waste of time, you will make your account incredibly popular just in a couple of weeks!

Are you already anticipating it?

That's right, it's our job, and we're doing it well!

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