Create Your First Brilliant And Unique Story In Instagram Now!

Several months ago Instagram integrated a new type of publications called “Instagram stories”. The sense of this new opportunity is that in 24 hours after publication the content disappears. It is a way to share your emotions, to share your feelings of reality of everything, that surrounds you at the moment.

Instagram Stories interface is intuitive to everyone, but some features are not so obvious. Especially for you we developed a detailed guide. We hope it will help you to publish the first story in Instagram, as well as provide several useful tricks for experienced users of the service.

The Basics


To pass to publication of Instagram stories, you have to swipe from the left to the right side of the screen on the homepage of Instagram (where you read your newsline). To take a photo or shoot a video, you need to click on the circle at the bottom of the screen, and swipe down to open the window to select media from your library.

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There is another way to create a story: select the tab of your account (containing your photos) and click on the “+” next to the profile photos.

Capturing modes

Instagram Stories has five different shooting modes. Now we will elaborate on each of them.

By selecting this mode, you can maintain broadcast from the camera of your smartphone. At the conclusion of the live video in can be shared via Instagram.
Normal mode. A quick tap takes a photo, long press captures the video.
Boomerang. “Boomerangs” are a short looped animations. This mode is suitable for shooting of a dynamic video.
Superzoom. In this mode you can record funny videos with dramatic sounds.
Rewind. With this mode you can capture video in reverse.
Hands-free. In this mode, a quick tap will launch a 15-second shot and you don't have to hold the record button till the end of recording.
Stop-motion. Similar to Boomerang allows to add motion in multiple captions and post them as a GIF.


The choice of filters in Instagram Stories is quite small, but, as a rule, it is enough. Filters can be changed with a swipe to the left or right.

Format of supported photos and videos

Photos and videos in Instagram Stories are vertical. Horizontal media files when importing are truncated. To select the desired area of the photo for publication in the history, you can use the cropping frame in a standard photo editor. Maximum video duration is 15 seconds. Remember that the longer video when you import it will be reduced.


Another borrowing from Snapchat to Instagram Stories. To go to masks, you need to tap on the icon to the right of the icon which changes the camera.


To attach the sticker to the history, click on the appropriate icon after shooting or just swipe your finger up.

You can add Poll, location, temperature and time of capturing

Draw inside of stories

In the first line of the screen array of stickers you can choose and add geodata to the history, the current temperature in the place where you are and the time of your publication.

Draw inside of stories

The addition of selfie to the story

On the next line of the screen array of stickers there is an icon with a camera. The choice of this sticker will allow you to take a picture and attach it to the story. And you also can blur photos border, or in case of need to highlight them by the white frame. Using of this feature, will allow you to create a fun collage or to express your opinion about what is depicted in history, with joyful or judgmental faces.

Change the size of the sticker

To make the sticker bigger or smaller, you should use two fingers. After the sticker is selected, pinch to shrink it, or apart to zoom.

Attach a sticker to the video element

Select any of the stickers, tap and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. You will see the time slider. Select the second item to which you want to attach the sticker, set the location and size of the “sticker” and press “Attach”. Now the sticker will be attached to the selected video object.

Attaching of the hashtag

To attach the hashtag to Your story, you can use the creation of label in the text, but it's easier to choose the appropriate sticker. Tap on it to change the display style of # hashtag. When your friends will see the label, they will be able with one touch to jump to the publications marked with the same tag.

Quick selection of stickers

For not to scroll the screen every time when looking or your favorite sticker, when you choose just swipe to the right. You will see a list of recently used “labels”. There is a specific group of stickers, which are especially effective to attach to portraits. To get started, just swipe to the left.

Remove stickers

To remove accidentally added sticker, tap on it and hold. At the bottom of the screen there will be an icon of a trash. You can move there an extra “sticker”.


To pass to the drawing, click on the appropriate icon between icons of stickers and text in the edit box of the story.

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Add whatever you want

Types of brushes

Each Instagrammer can use four types of brushes.

– Conventional brush. The most basic brush from any graphics editor.
– Marker. It differs in the form of a brush and a transparency.
– Brush with neon outline. Similar to the regular brush, but with the choice of color of the stroke. The main color is white.
– Brush with a rainbow. One brush which consists of seven colors.
You may also select the eraser.

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The size of the brush

The brush size is adjustable with a special slider that can be opened by clicking the icon with three dots in the bottom left of the screen.

The choice of color

Also when drawing there is an available choice of colors to the brushes: they are located downstairs. To move between the three standard palettes, you have to swipe to the left or right. To choose your color, hold your finger on one of the circles.

Filling option

To fill in the space of the frame with one color, select the brush, press and hold your finger anywhere on the screen. After filling you can make visible a part of photo or video using the eraser.


To begin typing, click on the “Aa” icon to the right of the drawing pic.

Styles and alignment

To adjust the color and size of the text you need to follow the same steps as when drawing with a brush. The scale of text can also be changed when using two fingers.

In the upper left corner when typing a text there is a button with adjustable indentation. It can be positioned left, right or in the middle. The second functional button while typing text is the letter “A” in the box. If clicking on it, you can switch between the three styles.

The surround text effect

To give the text the effect create two identical labels, but with different colors. Place them almost on each other, with a slight shift: so you will get a 3D text.

Highlight users

To tag a user in your story, type the @ symbol when you create the label. Start typing the nickname and Instagram offer proposals from your friends list. By the same way you can attach a hashtag: simply use the #symbol.

Saving of the Instagram stories

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner when you are in your Instagram profile. To have your story saved automatically, go to settings, stories and move the slider to the “Save this photo” in the active position.

You can also save stories in your profile. Just Click ‘Highlight' and choose name for this story, it will be saved under your profile info.

Add music to Instagram Stories

The function of adding musical accompaniment to videos in Instagram Stories is missing. But the way to add audio to the story is still there. Lot of Users could notice that the music playing on your smartphone is not interrupted when watching other people's stories. The same applies when creating a video: just play the song in streaming service or, for example, in social network Facebook and start shooting your stories.

Video rotation

To avoid of clipping the edges of the video when posting to a story is possible with using of special apps, turning the video to 90 degrees, like:

– Video Rotate & Flip (No Time Limit)
– Video Rotate

Publication Tips

Publication of old photos and videos in the story

If you are late with the publication, and 24 hours since the shooting has passed, when you upload a photo or video, it'll be published with the date of capturing.

Publication of a long video

To publish in the story a video longer than 15 seconds, use any video editor. You can delete parts, split video into several parts or to increase its speed. For users of iOS devices App Store offers an application that automatically splits long videos into several 15-second segments.

And now, please find some life hacks.
We expect, they will make your Instagram stories creation easier and more effective.

Dmitry Y.Social Media Specialist

1.Take pictures not through the Instagram application

Use the standard function of photos and videos in your smartphone. The Instagram app compresses the quality of images and video and it has less features to edit. The main disadvantage of this advice is that so the phone will fill up the memory, and you often have to copy the material on third party carriers.

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Download and save the footage

Turn on in the Instagram settings “automatically download all photos and videos”. Never and nobody knows what may suddenly come in handy. This is especially true for videos and photos news worthy — perhaps your material will be an important proof of some event or you will need it later. Be sure to save everything.

Use vertical shooting

When people are flipping through the news feed, they keep the phone upright. It is unlikely that they will want to flip to see your story. If you posted the horizontal video, users will rather pass it as the whole story. Learn to shoot vertically, and adjust the material according to the desires of the audience.

4.Publish all Your content at the end of the day

This is especially important if you're on a bad network for example in the country. If any photo fails to load, your story will have a broken story line. Post all materials at the same time and only when you have everything in order with the connection. Besides, if you upload all at once, the audience will see the whole story, and not a single slide out of context.

5.Video should be up by 5-10 seconds

The movie length less than five seconds is unlikely to be able to show the whole picture, and too long videos users typically ignore. Use the standard cut function, which is in the iPhone to choose the best part of the recorded video. Better to shoot 15-20 second clips, then trim off the excess and leave only the interesting.

The text in the stories should be short and relevant

The text should be minimally short. Instagram Users usually have a small attention span, so you only have a few seconds to keep their interest, even if you have fascinating content. Use short sentences. No need to write long paragraphs of text. Better to let your text starts on the same slide and continues on the other.

7.Crop pictures using the standard features of a smartphone

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Typically, a smartphone and Stories use 9:16 aspect ratio, but if you shoot at standard camera, you will have to get pictures of different size. Before you upload them, crop your photos — so you can then choose which photo will be in the center.

8.Lay the old material with new metadata

When you process and save files using editors like Photoshop, iMovie or Premier, Instagram thinks that all of this materials are filmed in one day. Thus you can publish old photos and videos, or create form them a long story that shows development for a long time.

9. Consider the scenario

Imagine that you are making a movie. First you have to show the opening frame, then go to the middle of the story and add details to the story seemed more personal. One of the most common mistakes that users, is that they publish a long series of mediocre photos without any depth or details.

10.Put text with the help of special programs

It is a pity, but in Instagram is available in a very limited number of fonts. If you want to make your story more creative when adding text, use third-party photo editors. We understand that the processing of the photos will take you more time and patience than if you just add them to the story. However, after processing, the images will look cooler. If you are well versed in graphic design, you will certainly like to experiment with the format 9:16.

11.Correctly place text in the frame

There is no need to put the text too high or low, otherwise it will close the interface elements of Instagram. Use the blank area in the frame, for example, the sky or the ground. Either you should insert in the story a few solid shots transitions, on which you will place your text.
Ask friends, relatives and colleagues to witness (and mark them in the story).


Nowadays most of people have a smartphone, and where something is happening, always there are people. Ask others to comment on the situation on camera. So your story will be more interesting. Don't forget to mention participants, but don't overdo it.

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