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8 Hottest Travel Bloggers
on Instagram

Instagram for travelers around the world
This cold winter will be warmed by the heated content of Instagram travel bloggers! You just need to subscribe to these hot girls. Their photos will make you like them over and over again, over and over again, over and over again... Or maybe they will be just a great example for you personally of how to become a successful travel blogger right now. When the Instagram world is full of various content, it's getting harder to gain your piece of the popularity of Instagram travel community.

Who is a Globetrotter? It's a new profession, that brings a huge income for successful Instagram travel bloggers. A person who travels often to faraway places to provide amazing feed collects thousands of advertising offers and indulges every pleasure of life. Imagine, you wake up every morning in a new country, have amazing breakfast and spend days by examining new cities. All you need to do is to take a great photo, write a useful caption for the followers, put geolocation mark, a bunch of high-convertible hashtags and use simple promotion tools. Let us review the most successful examples of hot globetrotters of the Instagram world.
Lauren Bullen from Bali
Lauren Bullen has chosen Bali as her new home. Every month she visits a new country and indulges in every pleasure. She can afford it very easily, coz she constantly sells her pictures on Instagram. When the account was just at the beginning of its popularity, Lauren was selling one picture for 9000 dollars. Right now famous brands and travel agencies sponsor almost every picture on her account. The success secret of her travel account is simple. The girl just chooses the offers she likes. And provides one of the best travel bloggers Instagram feed to the world of travel-lovers.

TARA MILK TEA student from Sidney
Tara is a happy student from Sidney. She studies Design and keeps the hottest travel blog and the most beautiful Instagram in Australia. She started her Instagram account with cute sketches on her own photos. Then she started to do that with the photos of her friends and continued sketching for advertising offers. RIght now her Instagram feed is one of the most beautiful travel blogs you will ever see. Subscribe and enjoy the photos of the pretty girl and bright pics of shiny journeys.

ANGELICA BLICK travel trips

Designer and blogger Angelica Blick became worldwide famous thanks to her amazing pictures of colorful travel trips. Nowadays she is one of the greatest influencers in Scandinavia. Her website is a top fashion and travel blog in Sweden with 100 000+ visitors per day. And of course, one of the hottest travel bloggers on Instagram.

NATALY OSMANN Welcome to Russia

Nostrovia! Welcome to Russia! Nataly Osmann is one of the creators the international hashtag #followme. Her loved one Murad and Natalia started the hashtag in 2011. Now they have more than 4 million followers. They do a show about traveling, write books and continue to make amazing pictures together.

tattoo gif
JULIE SARIÑANA fashion and travel

Julie created her blog Sincerely Jules in 2009. She makes posts about fashion and travel. She is a hot girl from sunny LA, but adores often journeys. Julie is not just a blogger, she has her own online shop that sells clothes. Her feed is a combination of simplicity and interesting details. It attracts millions of readers by its freshness, warmth, and style.

GIZELE OLIVEIRA Victoria's Secret Angel

Gizele is not a common travel blogger. This girl is a happy Victoria's Secret Angel! Globetrotting was the reason for her popularity and had a great impact on her modeling career. Almost every morning she wakes up in a new country and feels happy about it. Gizele is a person, that looks natural in every location: sandy beaches in Maldives, busy streets of Chinatown, or a New York must have - the Statue of Liberty.

SARA ESCUDERO photos and looks

Sara has been blogging as Collage Vintage for the past years. She doesn't like to write about herself but fills the feed with astonishing travel photos and fashion looks. A cute Spanish girl is always in motion that creates the sense of dynamic and interesting life of travel blogger. «Collage Vintage» is her pet project, but not the main job. Sara is an advertising agent. She keeps it in secret, how to successfully combine a full-time job and be an active travel and fashion blogger at the same time.

LEONIE HANNE fashion and food

Back in 2014, Leonie said goodbye to the career of consulting sphere. She chose to keep a blog about fashion, food, and travel. It was worth it! Now she is a global influencer in the Instagram world! She lives in different countries. She is a model, that is looking for happiness and haute couture. Leonie wants to be inspiring and to be inspired. She likes creativity, communication, and people, who share her world vision.

successful bikini travel bloggers
All these girls are insanely hot! They are successful travel bloggers, who have the following common features:

  1. Astonishing, stylish, multifarious and colorful gallery.
  2. Amazing appearance for hot bikini pics.
  3. The incredible variety of geolocation marks and travel hashtags.
  4. The long-term and constant flow of high-quality content.
I think being a globetrotter is a dream job. The constant change of amazing journeys, colorful life, and wide and reasonable world outlook. Travelling makes people open-minded, decreases the stress of everyday life them and teachers to value every minute of life. If you are tired or depressed, go bok the tickets to the unknown place for a good trip. Find a suitable company and enjoy your life together to the fullest.

You know, if you want to know how to be a successful travel blogger, I can help you! I advise reading about the professional promotion for travel blog on Instagram. How to analyze the activity of your followers and what steps you need to follow to gain your popularity? Read the relevant article on Instagram hacks for travel bloggers right here.

Hope you feel the warmth I wanted to share.
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